Wondering How Often Should you Replace your Tires at Tire Repair Shop?


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Taking care of minor tire repair problems extends the life of your tires so ask your mechanic How often should you replace your tires?


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Ask your Tire Shop About How Often Should You Replace Your Tires? :

Ask your Tire Shop About How Often Should You R eplace Your Tires? Many Peoples Ask the Question: “How often should you replace your tires”. As per expert mechanics, most tires can have a long life between 25000 and 50000 miles  before they need to be replaced. It usually depends on your driving habits. Do you make quick stops and sharp turns? Do you drive on stony roads, rough roads and over potholes?  Do you keep your wheels aligned and tires in balance? Avoiding these driving conditions will help extend the life of your tires, as well as keeping them properly inflated. Let’s Discuss With our Auto Repair Mechanics on: 406-259-4740

4 Small Problems Can Make a Difference in Maintaining your Tires:

4 Small Problems Can Make a Difference in Maintaining your Tires Drivers often don’t even consider about the tires on their vehicle until they have a flat, a puncture, of risky tread wear. Tires should be scrutinized and any necessary tire repair was taken care of to make sure safe driving. If you should have a blow-out while driving on a crowded road, it could result in an accident and serious injury or death. Another risk is being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire, especially at night. Keeping your tires well-maintained can make a big difference in your safety . Repair Tears and Rips in the rubber - Don't wait for a blow-out or be stranded with a flat. Repairing small tears is simple to complete and low cost. Keep the correct Tire Inflation Pressure - The correct air pressure (psi) makes your driving more fuel efficient and the rubber less likely to blow out. Tire Rotation Service - Have tires rotated occasionally to reduce excessive tire wear on just one tire or just a certain side of the tire. Maintain Good Wheel Alignment and Balancing – This also helps keep excessive tread wear down to a smallest. Schedule your Appointment Online Today at: www.heights-carcare.com


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