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School Safety: Current Policy, Trends, and Application


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School Safety: Current Policy, Trends, and Application:

School Safety: Current Policy, Trends, and Application Heidi Ceballos Southern Utah University

Presentation Outline:

Presentation Outline Current Policies on School Safety Recent Debate on School Safety Reform Field Activity What can teachers do? Conclusion

Federal Policy on School Safety:

Federal Policy on School Safety Safe and Drug Free Schools and Communities Gun Free Schools Act Utah Policy: Rule R277-400 All local education agencies must submit an emergency preparedness and response plan annually. (R277-400-3A) Emergency drills, such as evacuation, earthquake, shelter in place, or lockdown drills, are required to be performed in elementary schools once a month and in secondary schools every other month. One drill must be completed within the first ten days of the school year. (R277-400-6B) Local Policy

Recent Debate on School Safety:

Recent Debate on School Safety President’s Plan t o reduce gun violence, 1/16/13 Making Schools Safer Put up to 1,000 more school resource officers and counselors in schools Ensure every school has a comprehensive emergency management plan Create a safer climate at schools

Other areas of debate:

Other areas of debate Increased security in schools More mental health services in schools Teachers carrying firearms

Field Activity: 3 Lockdowns at Local School:

Field Activity: 3 Lockdowns at Local School October 9, 2012 February 12, 2013 March 14, 2013

Interviews: General Conclusions:

Interviews: General Conclusions School handled the lockdowns well, reacted quickly to changes and remained calm. Having multiple lockdowns within a school year will become more of the norm with all schools A shooter will not be deterred by the fact that some teachers may carry firearms School Resource Officer would be greatest resource to prevent school violence

So what?:

So what? Federal and State policy very general District keeps policy flexible for each school Safety threats are now the norm Changes in plans are likely during emergencies School reform will take time, teachers need to be prepared now

What can teachers do?:

What can teachers do? Establish a strong relationship with the community Take drills seriously Create a mindset prepared for survival Don’t ignore possible safety threats


Conclusion Teachers are no longer just educators, but protectors of safety Society is changing in regards to school safety Emergency plans will most likely change during an actual emergency and teachers must be prepared to react quickly Public reform will take time, in the meantime teachers can do much to foster safety in their classroom


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