Keeping Your Pets Safe from Electrical Hazards in The Home

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Keeping Your Pets Safe from Electrical Hazards in The Home Electricity in the home is essential for modern living however it can cause potential hazards for our furry friends. Whether it be leaving out a charger cord overnight or installing a new floor lamp there are many seemingly innocent things that can turn dangerous when chewed on tangled up or dropped. To prevent your pets from engaging with your appliances an Electrician Kew shares some handy tips that prevent you from limiting power entirely. Always use safety standardised and well insulated equipment. Cutting costs may seem like a priority but when it comes to purchasing power cords extensions and plug in appliances its not a good idea to opt for the cheaper option. Cheaper appliances and cords are thinner and often lack appropriate insulation. This means that they

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are much more likely to overheat/burn through to expose wiring. This poses electrocution danger to your pet if they encounter a live spark. Similarly because of thin insulation pets are better able to chew through cheap appliances- exposing themselves to live electricity. 1. Keep electrical appliances out of reach and switched off when unattended. Out of sight out of mind. When placed up and out of reach your pet won’t have direct access to electrical currents. Certain appliances such as fans heaters and standing lights can’t be completely removed from reach and are also often devices that are easy to leave on when you are out of the home or room. Such devices can easily fall when tugged or pulled by your pet- creating a serious fire risk. Imagine the scenario – a freezing cold Melbourne day with a portable heater blasting in your bedroom. You leave the house remembering only to turn off the main unit. Your cat reaches for the power lead causing the heater to fall off and on to your carpet. Within a few minutes the heat radiating from your unit causes the synthetic carpet to singe smoke and eventually catch alight. To avoid such a scenario it’s a great idea to keep a safety checklist near your keys- remembering to switch off small units and keep your pets locked away from hazards. 2. Create an electricity free space. A great idea for when you are out of the home is to leave pets with access to food water and outdoor space of course in an area free from low appliances and power cords. Many

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people opt for the use of a laundry or back space where a pet door can be installed for them to come and go outside. 3. Train your pet to avoid dangerous areas in your home. Training your pet to avoid certain areas such as power cords or outlets can be easier than you think. Cats/dogs tend to avoid areas that smell or taste bitter. Spraying a non-toxic citrus spray is a great trick to get them avoiding a space. Smaller animals like guinea pigs or rabbits will remove themselves from loud noises a small clap when they come close to a dangerous area will get them in the habit of staying away. With most things the best plan to avoid danger is prevention- you can ask your Electrician Kew on there next visit if they have any further suggestions to optimise safety in your home. Contact us Heaven Sent Electrical URL: Address: 3 Elizabeth Court Donvale Victoria 3111 Mobile No.: 0403 791 466 Email Id:

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