5 Ways To Make Your Air Cooler

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5 Ways To Make Your Air Cooler More Efficient As the hot season comes around once again we reach for our trusty cooling specialists. Whether it be an oscillating fan the powerful air conditioner or today’s topic the reliable indoor air cooler we know they can get the job done. However if they aren’t performing like they did straight from the factory belt and perhaps the reason you’re here try out some of our tips on getting your air cooler up to scratch to combat the ever increasing heat. Make sure its clean With anything you must maintain your air cooler is up to scratch and cleaned out to ensure it can reach its maximum potential. Remove any dust thats visible from the fans and vents of your machine as this can block airflow and reduce air quality. Make sure to do the same with the cooling pads as they will be responsible for water evaporation and the cleaner they are the better they can perform.

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Position accordingly Air coolers aim to take in hot air absorb it into the cooling pads which then evaporates into cool air that is dispersed into the room by the fans. To get the best effect from your air cooler try to position your ​portable commercial evaporative cooler ​ near a window where it can take in all the outside hot air and push cold air back into your own. Use ice to help speed up the cooling process This more traditional method suggests placing ice in a bowl and in front of the fans that are pushing out the evaporated air. As such the cool air coming on the ice will also be pushed out helping cool the room faster. Of course most air coolers also have built in ice trays which also do this. If yours however doesn’t this method works with not just an air cooler but any fan you have. Improve its hardware If you’re into DIY If you’re DIY savvy try upgrading the water pump in your indoor or industrial air cooler. An improved water pump will help water flow through faster and would surely be better than a used one which would likely have debris and other junk blocking it from being used to its full potential. Adjust your house to maintain a cooler temperate Insulated walls and ceilings can greatly help with helping maintain a cooler room temperature. Using shades or thick blinds on windows also help to keep internal temperatures low when possible. When possible use LED lights as they generate less heat. Even better if you can survive with them off. You can also use insulation strips around windows and doors to help keep cool air in and hot air out. If these tips have helped you out or if you’re planning on ​ purchasing an industrial evaporative cooler ​ for warehouses or a new indoor air cooler then visit Climate Australia https://climateaustralia.com.au/ ​ and see their huge range.

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