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Heath Diesel’s Max E Tork Programs are fully integrated, and tailored per order to the customers application. The programs improve the transmission functions, as well as improving both the Fuel Curve and the Timing Curve. With a Towing Program ,this combination adds 50-60 HP and 100 Foot Pounds at the flywheel.


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Diesel Performance Products:

Diesel Performance Products

Heath Diesel:

Heath Diesel At Heath Diesel Power our goal is to deliver the most cost-effective towing-performance components and packages possible. Over the years, in our shop operation, we have focused on modifications which provide our customers the highest practical output obtainable with the factory or near factory engine combination. The most important performance characteristic, for them, had to be strong uphill towing-power/speed while maintaining engine operation within the EGT limit. This quest for maximum practical output ultimately lead to the development of our Turbo-Master boost controls and to these component and package offerings.

Heath's 3 Year Warranty PMD Isolator System:

Heath's 3 Year Warranty PMD Isolator System Heath's PMD Isolator System is a complete relocation kit that includes everything you need for the installation, including a new module. The PMD Isolator System comes ready to bolt on, has a resistor pre-installed and an extension harness to relocate it to the front skid plate. The PMD Module Is pre-mounted to the heat sink plate with Heath's special mounting process, and the extension harness is already plugged in with dielectric grease and ready to go. The PMD Isolator System is the original PMD Isolator, and has been providing great reliability since 1994. This kit is supplied with a 3 year, unlimited mileage warranty.

Super Duty Cooling Upgrade Single Thermostat:

Super Duty Cooling Upgrade Single Thermostat Heath’s Super Cool Upgrade keeps the engine at the proper temperature, no matter what the application.All of the factory production water pumps flow 70% to the driver side which leaves the passenger side running 30+ degrees over what the gauge is showing. The Super Cool Kit flows evenly to both sides, as well as having a better flow. The kit also includes a Special fan clutch tailored to the application combined with a 21” 9 blade fan. In the kit you’ll receive new proper thermostat(s) & all the gaskets that you will need for the installation.

For more information please visit http://www.heathdiesel.com:

For more information please visit http://www.heathdiesel.com

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