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Article link - http://heartsense.in/health-problems-in-software-professionals/ . In this presentation for patients, Dr Vivek Baliga discusses the common health issues that are encountered by professionals who work with computers for long hours.


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Health Problems In Software Professionals:

Health Problems In Software Professionals Dr Vivek Baliga Director, HeartSense TM © HeartSense 2017


Introduction Being a software professional, chartered accountant or IT professional (among many other professions) is not an easy job. Over the years, many such professionals, and young ones at that, visit doctors with a multitude of health problems. HERE ARE SOME OF THE COMMON PROBLEMS SEEN IN PRACTICE. For More - http://heartsense.in/health-problems-in-software-professionals/ © HeartSense 2017

Low Back Pain - The problem:

Low Back Pain - The problem Almost 80% of people who spend more than 8 hours in front of a computer have low back pain. A majority of IT professionals spend long hours slouched in front of a computer screen. This posture can place a great deal of stress on the joints and cartilage that form a part of the spinal cord. © HeartSense 2017

Low back pain - the solution:

Low back pain - the solution When sat in front of a computer, be aware of your posture. All of us tend to sit in a forward flexed (bent) posture. This can have an impact on your back in the long term. Always sit upright with your shoulder back and head straight. Adjust your workstation so that your forearm is resting on the table and your hand is light resting on the mouse pad. Keep moving around every so often as muscles can go into spasm after prolonged sitting. © HeartSense 2017

Anxiety and stress - the problem:

Anxiety and stress - the problem Most software professional have service to deliver to their clients that are bound by deadlines. This means extremely long hours, with some even working 18 to 20 hours a day for weeks on end. Researchers have found that individuals who were 'addicted' to the internet were more likely to develop depression. This depression is brought on by constant stress and anxiety. Depression can greatly affect quality of life. © HeartSense 2017

Anxiety and stress - the solution:

Anxiety and stress - the solution Exercise is a great way to ward off stress. Yoga and relaxation therapies are also an effective way to keep stress and anxiety levels low. The Pranayama is believed to be very helpful. Stress related health problems seem to be lesser in married individuals as compared to unmarried ones. If you feel your stress is affecting you in the slightest way, make sure you visit a health care professional like your family doctor or a counselor. © HeartSense 2017

Carpal tunnel syndrome - the problem:

Carpal tunnel syndrome - the problem Carpal tunnel syndrome is a condition where the median nerve that passes through the wrist is compressed. People who spend more than 12 hours a day typing are at a greater risk. While the symptoms are mild to start off with, they eventually lead to pain and stiffness in the wrist. This makes movements such as typing and controlling the computer mouse difficult. © HeartSense 2017

Carpal tunnel syndrome - the solution :

Carpal tunnel syndrome - the solution Exercising your wrists through stretches and bending can loosen up the tight tissues, improve blood flow and reduce pain and stiffness. Keep your keyboard at a height where the elbow is at 90 degrees to the table. Keep your elbows close to your side. Keep your arms rested on the arm rest with your forearms parallel to the ground. Don't sit and type for hours on end. Take short breaks in between and exercise the joints of your hand. © HeartSense 2017

Heart disease - the problem:

Heart disease - the problem Sitting has been shown from clinical trials to increase your chances of heart disease, especially when you spend long hours of doing so See how sitting can increase your risk of heart disease here http://heartsense.in/sitting-long-can-bad-heart/ © HeartSense 2017 © HeartSense 2017

Heart disease - the solution :

Heart disease - the solution Keep moving! Make sure you get up once every 15 to 20 minutes and go for a short wander around the office. Once you finish work, indulge in a good exercise program. You could go for a walk or a jog or even hit the gym if you are a member. © HeartSense 2017

Insomnia - The Problem :

Insomnia - The Problem Insomnia, or difficulty sleeping, is one of the common health problems seen in software professionals. It mostly has to do with working odd hours, waking up at odd hours and losing your normal pattern of day to day activities due to work. © HeartSense 2017

Insomnia - The Solution:

Insomnia - The Solution Don't delay going to bed. When you plan to hit the sack, switch off your electronic devices, dim the lights and read a book if needed. As time passes, your mind will get used to this, and you will eventually drift off into a deep sleep. Some people may benefit from sleeping pills, but it is not recommended. Alternatively, melatonin supplements are now available that can help to an extent. © HeartSense 2017

There are many more!!:

There are many more!! For more health problems in software professionals, visit our blog HeartSense at http://heartsense.in/health-problems-in-software-professionals/ © HeartSense 2017

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