Cardiac Consultants in Coimbatore and the 3 Types of LVAD

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Cardiac Consultants in Coimbatore and the 3 Types of LVAD – Dr. Om Prakasham If someone faces heart failure and the heart is unable to pump required amount of blood to meet body’s requirement then cardiac consultants in Coimbatore may well recommend left ventricular assist device LVAD implantation surgery. Let us go through details of how these LVADs are used. LVAD Implantation Surgery Best cardiac consultants in Coimbatore utilize LVADs in 3 different ways such as: Bridge to Transplant | Destination Therapy | Bridge to Recovery 1. Bridge to Transplant: If an LVAD implantation is done in a patient and that patient is on wait-list for a heart transplant then it is known as a Bridge to Transplant. This type of LVAD can stay in- place for a few years till the time transplant becomes possible and a heart donor is available. 2. Destination Therapy:In a situation where patient cannot have a heart transplant then cardiac consultants Coimbatore maywell suggest LVAD as a form of permanent solution. This type of implantation is known as destination therapy and is rapidly becoming a common procedure due to advancement in LVAD technology. 3. Bridge to Recovery: In case of temporary heart failure the LVAD implantation is known as Bridge to Recovery. In some rare cases heart tends to get back its strength when it receives enough time to rest with the use of an LVAD. However it is worth mentioning here that if someone suffers advanced heart failure then it is usually an irreversible and permanent condition. The positive thing about LVAD is that best heart specialist hospital in Coimbatore such as has necessary infrastructure to successfully carry out this type of implantation and help you lead a normal life.

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