Some of the most common ENT problems faced by people in India

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ENT revolves around the treatment of Ear, Nose & Throat region. Few of the problems that ENT specialists in Gurgaon treat are, hearing balance, speech and breathing problems, allergies, sinusitis, skin disorders, head and neck cancer, etc.


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Some of the most common ENT problems faced by people in India

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ENT revolves around the treatment of Ear Nose Throat region. Few of the problems that ENT specialists in Gurgaon treat are hearing balance speech and breathing problems allergies sinusitis skin disorders head and neck cancer etc. Almost half the population has some or the other ENT issue. ENT hospitals in Gurgaon treat patients from the smallest problem such as runny nose to severe problems like throat cancer. So here we can talk of the common problems people face in each of these areas – the ear nose throat.

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Throat Problems Pharyngitis or Sore Throat: This is one of the most common throat problems people face. It makes your throat itch and swollen up making it difficult for you to swallow. Most of the time sore throats can be solved by home remedies if it’s caused by viruses. Treatment involves such as drinking warm liquids avoiding cold beverages gargling with salt water. It is recommended you visit ENT hospital in Gurgaon if the symptoms persist for very long despite taking precaution. Cold or Flu: In the case of a common cold or flu the throat is affected. People also tend to have very high fever for which it is advised to get help from an ENT specialist from the best ENT hospital in Delhi so that the right anti-viral meds are prescribed by the doctor for a speedy recovery.

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Streptococcal Sore Throat: This is a throat infection which is caused by a bacteria called ‘streptococci’. This condition has very similar symptoms as that of common cold flu etc hence it is advised to consult a doctor to see if you need to be tested for the streptococcal sore throat. Its symptoms include red sore throat enlarged tonsils difficulty swallowing abdominal pain diarrhea and headache. If it is left untreated it can go on to affect your kidney causing it to inflame and result in rheumatic fever.

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Ear Problems Ear Infection: This is caused due to several other infections such as allergies and cold. When germs are trapped within the ear chords they tend to infect the ear causing it to itch swell and sometimes even discharges fluid. Ear infections are very common amongst children and in children it gets difficult in diagnosing it. According to expert ENT specialist in Gurgaon below are the few signs to note in children to detect a ear infection:  Constantly pulling the ears  Eating or drinking abnormally  Not responding properly  Extremely fussy or crying constantly

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Tinnitus: This is a condition where-in one hears a loud ringing noise constantly. This is usually a symptom pertaining to a bigger problem such as ear infection ear injury hearing loss etc.

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Nose Problems Sinusitis: The sinus is that part of your respiratory system through which air circulates and also consists of mucus. One is affected by sinusitis when their sinuses are blocked due to excess collection of mucus thus making it difficult to breathe. Its symptoms include fever severe headache eye pain bad breath congested nose with yellow mucus development tooth ache fatigue etc.

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Allergic Rhinitis: This is a condition which affects people at a certain time of the year or throughout the year. Its symptoms include runny nose persistent sneezing nasal congestion itchy eyes etc. Allergic rhinitis is a condition which is hereditary in nature. The symptoms tend to worsen when brought in contact with allergens such as pollen dust animal fur etc. The allergens also do vary person to person. Hence one must consult with their doctors in the best ENT hospital in Delhi for best relief.

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