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Why Do Older Women Should Annually Fix Appointment With Gyne Good question: “How often should older women see their gynecologists” As women get older they should regularly visit their gynecologists. This is because body might experience changes as menopause approaches or you might have already reached menopause. Other reason why you should fix an appointment with female gynecologist near you are the irregularity in menstrual cycle and changes in hormonal level - these all can be very much confusing. Below are mentioned reasons why older women need to go for the annual gynecological exam. Menopause - When women naturally stop having menstrual periods for one year means they are experiencing menopause. Menopause is the result of female hormone level fluctuation often resulting in unpleasant symptoms. The typical vasomotor symptoms or hot flashes symptoms occur in perimenopause and are at the peak after the menstruation ends. Further less estrogen in the body can result in thinning of the vaginas lining which in turn can cause dryness itching discharge and painful intercourse.

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Hormone Replacement - Systematic hormone replacement therapy is considered to be the most effective way to reduce the frequency and intensity of hot flashes. Hormone therapy can be taken orally or by using a patch gel or spray. But then there are some risks associated with hormone therapy such as increased risk of breast cancer blood clots and pulmonary embolisms. Prior starting discuss the same with gynecologist. And throughout the hormone regimen ensure that the benefits continue to outweigh risks. Cervical Cancer - Vulvar cancer uterine cancer and breast cancer - all have an age independent risk factor means the older you are more likely are the chances that you might get them. Sometimes what females think as postmenopausal bleeding can turn out to something dangerous such as early bladder cancer. If such problems are detected at an early stage then your female gynecologist can come out with the best solution to help you treat such conditions. Female Health Physician - Likewise we have a primary care physician the gyn serves as the primary care physician for women and girls. They make sure that all their adult visiting patients undergo screening tests such as colonoscopies mammograms bone density scans vaccines blood work such as cholesterol levels etc. Moreover healthy women who are sexually active until the age of 65 should undergo a Pap test every three years. Your doctor might also perform a breast exam to check for lumps or other irregularities. Women need gynecological care at every stage of life. So book an appointment with female gynecologist near you today and get your annual exam done to know about your internal health.

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