What You Need To Know About Open Heart Surgery

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What You Need To Know About Open Heart Surgery Open heart surgery is considered to be one of the most significant life saving surgeries performed nowadays. With the advancement in modern technology the usual risk is 1 to 5 which is much better than many other surgeries performed today. In this type of surgery heart surgery specialists open the chest of the patient and perform surgery on the hearts internal structures. Thanks to the introduction of technologically advanced heart surgery techniques some methods have evolved such as minimally invasive heart surgery MICS where incisions are substantially smaller less traumatic and cosmetically better. People suffering from serious heart conditions such as heart failure and heart attack are often recommended as an open-heart surgery. And HealthCare800 is the best answer to search and find the top-rated cardiology specialists.

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Why Is Open Heart Surgery Required In most of the cases open heart surgery is done to treat people suffering from coronary artery disease which predicts the heart attack. However other conditions where the heart surgery specialists might recommend you to undergo open heart surgery are:  Trouble in the valves  Problems in the main vessel of the heart  Replacement of damaged heart with a donors heart What Are The Different Types of Open Heart Surgeries  Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting – It is one of the most common types of heart surgery. It is performed to provide alternate routes of blood supply to the heart. The healthy artery is usually taken from chest arms or legs.  Heart Valve Repair or Replacement – This type of heart surgery is performed either to repair the valve or replace it with a biological vale or metallic valve.  Arrhythmia Treatment – It is a condition wherein the heart does not beat in a regular rhythm. A pacemaker or an ICD are placed inside the body during surgery to overcome irregularity of the heart beats.  Heart Transplant – This surgery is performed to treat advanced heart failure by replacing the damaged heart with a healthy heart of the deceased donor. What Happens During an Open Heart Surgery In the conventional open heart surgery a heart surgery specialist will make a 6-8inch cut in the middle of the chest through a breastbone using a surgical blade. Once the heart is visible the surgeons start with the surgery. In case of coronary heart bypass surgery alternate routes of blood supply via conduits vessels are harvested using microscopic surgical instruments. In case of complex and difficult case scenarios heart-lung bypass machine is used during the surgery. This machine temporarily takes over the functions of the heart during the surgery. Once the surgery is done with the help of wire sutures the breastbone is closed. The incision is then stitched carefully. Depending upon the complexity the surgery takes around 3-6 hours.

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A successful open heart surgery not only treats life threatening conditions but also saves the life of the patient. To ensure a successful surgery one should always look for the best heart surgery specialists. HealthCare800 is the place where your search for the top-rated cardiology specialists ends. Your doctor will strive hard to provide only prolonged life but also an active and healthy lifestyle.

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