Importance of Hepatitis Vaccine for Seniors

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Every senior home health care must provide awareness about Hepatitis and also offer immunization through vaccines for adults to ensure healthy ageing for seniors. More details @


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Importance of Hepatitis Vaccine for Seniors Say Hepatitis and nobody even blinked an eye so far. But not until recently since November 2017 when many states in the US like Kentucky Utah California Arizona and Michigan reported outbreaks of the disease leaving hundreds dead. This made people sit up and notice the Hepatitis disease. What is Hepatitis Hepatitis is a chronic infammation of the liver caused by a viral infection. Hepatitis is of various types but Hepatitis A and B are the most common which afects adults especially seniors above 50. Hepatitis A is a communicable disease spread by food or water contaminated with faecal matter. It can be easily prevented by vaccination and does not cause chronic health conditions unless it is left untreated. But for elders whose immunity has weakened with age and whose liver is weak the Hepatitis A infection presents a lethal risk. This is why the Hepatitis A vaccine must be administered to all elders in senior home healthcare. The symptoms of Hepatitis A are fever nausea jaundice abdominal pain dark urine weakness and loss of appetite. These symptoms last only for 2 months but in chronic health conditions 6 months is the longest. Only 1 of the people die of Hepatitis A but it can prove fatal for patients with chronic liver disease and for ageing adults.

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While Hepatitis A is transmitted through contaminated food and water Hepatitis B spreads through contaminated blood and body fuids via infected injections or IV needles tattooing ear piercing etc. Elders who are diabetic or undergo haemodialysis are more prone to this disease as they have to often take injections or IV fuids. The symptoms of Hepatitis B are fever and fu or no symptoms at all but may end in liver damage and death. Hepatitis B is prevalent most in seniors as their liver weakens with age. Hepatitis A vaccine and senior health Of all the vaccines for adults the Hepatitis A vaccine is recommended most for ageing seniors and elderly travellers. This vaccine is used to prevent the outbreak of Hepatitis A which is a viral liver infection contracted through contaminated food or water. The Hepatitis A vaccine is administered as 2 injection shots 6 months apart. The frst dose is 95 efective but with the second dose the adult acquires immunity for another 20-40 years. Since ageing adults have low

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seroprotection against this virus they are usually asked to get themselves vaccinated before the winter during the senior health check-up. This is because the cold weather further diminishes their immunity and elderly citizens must be forearmed to combat this disease. Hepatitis B vaccine and senior health Ageing elders are advised to vaccinate themselves compulsorily with Hepatitis B vaccine as there is no specifc treatment for this ailment. Hepatitis B vaccine is given as 3-4 doses in a span of 6 months. How can seniors prevent Hepatitis a and B infections Hepatitis A and B infections can be prevented by following these stringent measures in senior home health care. 1. Make Hepatitis A and B vaccines compulsory 2. Hand washing should be strictly enforced in eldercare – all caregivers health providers and other elders themselves must follow strict hand washing procedures before and after eating after urinating or passing stools changing diapers or administering injections. 3. Avoid contact with other’s blood- helping others is a good trait but elders must avoid exposure to other’s blood. 4. Sterilize all needles used for eldercare. 5. Elders should strictly avoid sharing their personal toiletries like razor blades toothbrushes nail fles scissors combs etc. with others. Every senior home health care must provide awareness about Hepatitis and also ofer immunization through vaccines for adults to ensure healthy ageing for seniors.

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