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Healthabove60, India's 1st Geriatric Home Healthcare, continues its excellence in enhancing the elderly lives at their homes with relentless optimism and with quality home care. Read our 1st Quarter eNewsletter that discusses the medical equipment for home use and a glimpse on our 4 years senior home care journey. For more information, Visit:


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Redefining the Standards in Senior Home Care eNewsletter Q1 Apr - Jun 2018

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Determined to redene the senior home care approach in India Healthabove60 is celebrating its 4th anniversary. Committed for overall wellbeing of the seniors Healthabove60 continues to enhance the elderly lives at their homes with relentless optimism and with quality home care. Table of Contents Leaders’ Note Medical Equipment for Home Use Journey of Healthabove60 04 Welcome Note 02 05 06 Welcome to Indias 1st Geriatric Home Healthcare

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Greetings from Healthabove60. Welcome to our Quarterly eNewsletter. This quarter is so special for us. Healthabove60 the name seniors could reply upon for all their health ailments turned 5 on 1st July. We thank each and everyone who are part of this wonderful journey. Striving to continue the goodness of keeping elderly lives healthy and safe we look forward to serve our clients in the best way. Happy Reading Greetings to everyone Healthabove60 Indias 1st Geriatric Home Healthcare steps into another glorious year while enhancing the quality of senior lives at the comfort of their homes. Keeping up the promise of being the exclusive senior home healthcare Healthabove60 has surpassed so many milestones in its journey of 4 years. Read our Q1 eNewsletter that discusses the best medical equipment for home use and also provides a glimpse of our journey while elevating the important milestones. Happy Reading Founder Healthabove60 G. SRINIVASAN J. Krishna Kavya Co-Founder Healthabove60 Leaders’ Note

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Medical Equipment that Could be Used at Home Medical care at home for seniors is focused to provide the supportive medical care that enhanc- es the overall wellbeing while reducing the need of staying at a hospital. As the formal healthcare system has become increasingly stressed patients are being released from the hospitals and other health care facilities still needing care. As a consequence the need for being aware of the use of medical equipment in a home setup needs to be increased. Recently some medical devices have been produced as consumer products that enable people to manage their own health care more conveniently and independently and inexpen- sively. For example a wide variety of blood and urine testing kits are available that detect dier- ent chemicals and conditions. There are various medical equipment that could be used at home allowing the laypeople and the nursing care professionals to manage health of seniors at home. These technologies provide support not only for care related to acute and chronic medical conditions but also for disease prevention and lifestyle choices. 05

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Migraton of Medical Devices into a Home Setup The people who use medical devices may be professional or lay caregivers or the care recipients themselves. As a group these users have diverse physical sensory cognitive and emotional charac- teristics. Here is a list of home healthcare equipment that are easy to use and provide enhanced care in a home setup. Medication Administration Equipment - devices used to administer medica- tions in tablet liquid or aerosol form. Test Kits - kits used for measuring the presence of various chemicals in blood or urine. First Aid Equipment - equipment used to care for injuries or temporary condi- tions. Assistive Technology - devices used to enhance personal capa- bilities such as sensory abilities or mobility.

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Durable Medical Equipment - includes medical devices used to support performance of basic activi- ties of daily living such as beds lifts and toileting equipment. Meters/Monitors - includes a wide range of devices for determining health status or managing disease conditions either one time or on an ongoing intermittent basis. Treatment Equipment - equipment used to administer various medical therapies. Respiratory Equipment - equipment used to treat respiratory conditions. Feeding Equipment - devices used for feeding. Voiding Equipment - devices used for releasing urine or feces from the body. Dr. Janakan Head-Medical Services Medical devices used in home healthcare need to be appropriate for the people who use them and for the environments in which they are used. The complete understanding of the age group for which the medical equipment is being used can increase the living quality of the person while signicantly reduc- ing the stay at the hospital. 07

slide 8: 2014 - 15 2015 - 16 2015 - 16 Inception Jul Jul - Mar Nov Jun Indias 1st Exclusive Geriatric Home Healthcare Oce Opened in a Small Room in Ashok Nagar with 1 Doctor Registered 130 growth in enquiries 50+ Sta members Medical and non-medical Reached 100+ clients for the rst time Treated 1000+ Elderly Lives Apr - Mar 434 increase in client reach Mar The Journey of Indias 1st Geriatric Home Healthcare Healthabove60

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2016 - 17 2018 - 19 2017 - 18 Jul Nov Aug Aug Reached out to 3000+ clients in Chennai Treated 5000+ Elders Apr Reached out to 15000+ clients 100+ Sta members Medical and non-medical 25+ Members in the Doctor Panel Treated 3000+ Elderly Lives Healthabove60 Turns 5 Introduced services in 4 other major cities of Tamil Nadu Mar - Jun Tie-up with 15+ Healthcare Partners Jul Mar Mar Coimbatore Madurai Trichy Pondicherry Mar Registered 65 overall growth Healthabove60 Indias 1st Geriatric Home Health- care turns 5 on this July 1st. Here is our journey that elevates 4 years of Geriatric Home Healthcare Success. Attributing the 4 years of geriatric success to all our clients and stakeholders we continue to strive to improve our services increasing the locations that we serve. Take a look at our brief journey that elevates our key moments in become Indias 1st Geriatric Home Healthcare. 09

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