Sight Words-Primer

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Sight Words Primer

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So far, we have studied the short and long vowel sounds.

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Sight Words Primer

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'Sight Words' Sight Words are words which cannot often be represented by illustrations or sounded out phonetically. Instead, they are recognized 'on sight'. Sight Words allow progress in reading as the programme in phonetics is pursued.

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Listen to the following words.

Listen to the following words : 

Listen to the following words will who white what went well was want under too this they there that soon so she say saw ride ran pretty please out our on now no new must like into he has good get four eat do did came but brown black be ate at are am all all am are at ate be black brown but came did do eat four get good has he into like must new no now on our out please pretty ran ride saw say she so soon that there they this too under want was well went what white who will with with yes yes

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Fabulous! Applause! Applause! READINGPhonetic Based

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