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A a APPLE apple:

A a APPLE apple An apple a day keeps doctors away.

B b BALL ball:

B b BALL ball We kick the football.

C c CAT cat:

C c CAT cat A Cat mews. Cat likes to drink milk.

D d DOG dog:

D d DOG dog A Dog lives in a kennel. A Dog barks. A Dog guards our house

E e ELEPHANT elephant:

E e ELEPHANT elephant Elephant lives in jungle. Elephant has long trunk but small tail. Elephant has white tusks. Elephant is also called a tusker.

F f FISH fish:

F f FISH fish Fishes live in ponds, lakes, seas and oceans. This is a whale.

G g GUN gun:

G g GUN gun Gun is used for shooting.

H h HORSE horse:

H h HORSE horse Horses can gallop fast. Horses live in stud farms. Horses run in races.

I i INKPOT inkpot :

I i INKPOT inkpot Inkpot is the container for ink.

J j JUG jug:

J j JUG jug We can store water or tea in the jug.

K k KITE kite:

K k KITE kite People fly kites on makar sankrant. Kite is made of paper and thin wooden sticks.

L l LION lion:

L l LION lion Lion is the king of jungle. Lion roars. Lions hunt other animals and live on their meat.

M m MONKEY monkey:

M m MONKEY monkey Monkeys lives on trees. Monkeys like to eat nuts and bananas.

N n NECKLACE necklace:

N n NECKLACE necklace Necklace is an ornament. Necklace is worn by ladies. Necklace is made of gold and diamonds.

O o OCTOPUS octopus:

O o OCTOPUS octopus Octopus has eight legs. Octopus lives in seas and oceans.

P p PEACOCK peacock:

P p PEACOCK peacock Peacock opens its feathers when it dances.

Q q QUEEN queen:

Q q QUEEN queen Queen Elizabeth is the queen of England.

R r RABBIT rabbit:

R r RABBIT rabbit Rabbit likes to eat carrots. The body of rabbit is very soft.

S s SNAKE snake:

S s SNAKE snake Snake lives in jungle on trees, or in holes, or in thick bushes. Cobra is the king amongst snakes.

T t TIGER tiger:

T t TIGER tiger Tiger lives in jungle. Tiger catches its prey and eats it.

U u UMBRELLA umbrella:

U u UMBRELLA umbrella We use umbrella in rainy season, and also in the sun.

V v VIOLIN violin:

V v VIOLIN violin Violin is the musical instrument.

W w WATCH watch:

W w WATCH watch A watch shows us time. This is a wrist watch.

X x XYLOPHONE xylophone:

X x XYLOPHONE xylophone A xylophone is a musical instrument.

Y y YACHT yacht:

Y y YACHT yacht A Yacht sails in the sea.

Z z ZEBRA zebra:

Z z ZEBRA zebra Zebra eats grass. Zebra lives in grass lands. Zebra has black and white stripes on its body.

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