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VECTOR Marketing:

VECTOR Marketing


Outline Company Product Market Pay Training Perks 2 Company

The CUTCO Corporation:

CUTCO Corporation Vector Marketing Corporation Parent company located in Olean, NY Manufacturer of CUTCO Since 1949 The CUTCO Corporation 3 Company

Corporate Structure:

Corporate Structure The STORM Division operates as part of the Central Region. The STORM Division: Iowa Nebraska Company 4


Programs Academic Advisors Scholarships Internships 5 Company

Corporate Principles:

Corporate Principles High-quality product Low-key presentation Ethics - honesty and integrity Guaranteed rate of pay Market products directly Company 6


Product Product Average Customer Order: $220 Customers who place an order: over 50% 7


Market/Strategy 30-60 years of age Married Market 8

Appointment Program:

x 5 days 50 potential customers Appointment Program Market A A A A A 2 2 2 2 2 = 10 potential customers 9 Representatives average 2+ recommendations per appointment.

Pay Program:

Pay Program x 20 appts $ 300 Base Pay Incentive OR $15 /appt 10% Pay Program 10 25+, FT Employed One-on-one, not in groups

Pay Program:

Pay Program A A A A A order x 10% base 220 $22 $15 0 $0 $15 75 $7.50 $15 0 $0 $15 500 $50 $15 Pay Program All representatives start off earning $15 Base 10% OR 3,000 25% 6,000 10,000 30% + 20% 11

Training Program:

Training Program Textbook Recognition Examples Strategic Marketing Problems, Cases and Comments, 15th Edition Kerin , Peterson – 2010, Publisher: Prentice Hall. Sales Management Cengage Publishing, 2009, Hair, Anderson, Mehta and Babin Marketing, 2000e; Marketing Concepts and Strategies Wiiliam M. Pride/O. C. Ferrell, 2003 Strategic Marketing Management Cases, 7th Edition Cravens, Lamb, Crittenden – 2002, Publisher: Burr Ridge, IL: Irvin/ McGraw Hill Classroom Examples Purdue University, Dr. Scott Downey Agricultural Economics - Advanced Sales Course Illinois State University, Dr. Michael Williams Marketing Department/Professional Selling Center Michigan State University Marketing Department North Carolina State University, Dr. David Henard Marketing Department University of Calgary, Dr. Derek Hassay Haskayne School of Business, “Selling Smiles 101” Training 12

Training Program:

3-Day Training CUTCO products and How to market them 10-Day Practice Start with familiar people 20 appts 3. Advanced Training Training Program Training 13

Support Programs:

Support Programs Field training Weekly Team Meetings Office Work Events Daily Interaction Web-based Learning Conferences Division meetings One-on-one support 14 Training 2010 Division Staff Year-End Regional Conference


Perks 15 Sample program Product Pay (base and incentive) Advancement Experience Team atmosphere Perks

Acceptance Criteria:

Acceptance Criteria 16 Essay Questions: Explain – Pay Explain – Appointment Generation Why should I consider you for a position? **While you wait, please finish the front of the form.** Please be polite and professional by reading a magazine.

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