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Racism in 21st Century Pop Culture:

Racism in 21 st Century Pop Culture By Hannah Colter

Pop Culture:

Pop Culture Popular Culture Ideas, opinions, representations, and other phenomena that are a part of cultural mainstream. History of Racism is Popular Culture Racism has been used as a form of entertainment in pop culture for decades Blackface Stereotypes

Racism in Comedy:

Racism in Comedy Censorship in Comedy Responsibility to know where the line of offensive is Amy Schumer Got into trouble for making jokes about black names and speak and Hispanic jokes "It is a joke and it is funny. I know that because people laugh at it. Even if you personally did not .” It’s Just a Joke The justification However, jokes are able to influence following, positively and negatively Jokes do not exist in a vacuum

Racism in Fashion :

Racism in Fashion Make-up Industry Nykhor Paul Has to do her own makeup and hair for professional shows Jordan Dunn Artist wouldn’t work with her because she is black Also classifies as work place discrimination Makes it harder to obtain/keep jobs

Racism in Mass Media :

Racism in Mass Media Mass Media is forms of communication that reach a vast amount of people “The mass media influence reaches into almost every area of American pop culture and life” A British ThinkTank did a study on the use of racist and ethnic slurs used on Twitter everyday A pproximately 10,000 uses per day of racist and ethnic slur terms Social Media is making racism more acceptable

Racism in Pop Culture:

Racism in Pop Culture Innocent/Ignorant Racism vs. Purposeful Racism Influence of Racism on Generations Pop Culture has an very strong influence over behavior, thoughts, and opinions

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