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5 Things to do before Hiring an aide for Alzheimer’s Home-care...


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5 Things to do before Hiring an aide for Alzheimer’s Homecare :

5 Things to do before Hiring an aide for Alzheimer’s Homecare

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As you brace yourself to deal with Alzheimer’s diagnosis for a loved one, you may be challenged with emotional worries. You’ll definitely be concerned about the changes in the personality of your loved one and the adjustments you’ll have to make to keep them at ease. It is no surprise that countless conflicting emotions like anger, sorrow, misery and agitation may set in. Getting used to this new reality is very difficult. It’s vital to grant yourself some time and to reach out for help. Getting the right support is essential for you in assisting your family member. The sooner you are prepared for the probable changes in the future, the better it is for everyone concerned. It would be quite beneficial to you in the long run if AD has been diagnosed earlier. In such a case the person diagnosed can assist in making the all the important decisions related to their lives.

1. Appointing Someone to Make Health Care and Financial Decisions:

1. Appointing Someone to Make Health Care and Financial Decisions Although a tricky topic to bring up, if an AD patient is normal enough, putting down their wishes and having them legalized through an attorney will bound all family members to protect and respect them. A power of attorney is necessary to cater to the financial and medical needs. However, if it is already too late, you or another family member may need to submit an application for guardianship.

2. Considering Homecare Options:

2. Considering Homecare Options Caring for an AD patient is a big commitment. Even though, a family member may be ready to do it, it is not advisable as this responsibility gets bigger over time. Providing supervision 24/7 can prove to be emotionally draining. And people have other responsibilities, problems, health issues, and commitments which they need to fulfill as well. It is best to hire a qualified home care specialist, who is trained to fulfill all the needs of the Alzheimer’s patient. However, if you feel that you or a family member can manage some part of the day, hiring home care partially may be really valuable.

3. Look at the Credentials of the Homecare Support:

3. Look at the Credentials of the Homecare Support When you’ve finally made your decision to hire a home care expert, then research thoroughly and find an excellent care provider. Make sure that the company you’ve chosen has a staff that is specially trained to care for the people with Alzheimer’s because these patients need special medical care too. Screen the credentials and qualifications, interview the home care personnel to have a clear idea about his/her personality.

4. Prepare Your Home:

4. Prepare Your Home Even though a hired home care support will be there, still the well being and safety of a loved one is constantly very important. You have to do what you can to ensure your loved one's home is secured yet comfortable enough for them. A couple of essential changes can offer assistance. Secure the entrances and exits with sensor lights, CCTV cameras, stairs with rails, etc. Make sure the kitchen is risk free. Dangerous appliances and items like scissors, matches and knives, etc should be locked away in cupboards and drawers with childproof locks. Take all necessary precautions that are possible. Place baby monitoring systems in the bedrooms and keep the area around the bathroom well-lit. Take away dangerous items like razors and medicines from the bathrooms. Apart from these precautions, make sure you’ve a separate room for the home care assistance that you are going to hire and go through all these preparations with them once they arrive.

5. Be in Touch with the Homecare Professional:

5. Be in Touch with the Homecare Professional Although the home care professional is there, it is essential for you and other family members to be in touch with him/her. Leaving your loved ones alone, especially the one with AD is not fair. Your loved one needs your constant love and care. Make sure, the home care helper can contact you or anyone else quickly, in case of emergency or if they need something.

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