12 Effective Leg Exercises For The Elderly

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Leg workout is an important part of maintaining physical fitness in senior years. Strengthening the lower body lies among the most efficient and effective ways of boosting physical wellbeing and preserving independence for the elderly.


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12 Effective Leg Exercises For The Elderly:

12 Effective Leg Exercises For The Elderly

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Leg workout is an important part of maintaining physical fitness in senior years. Strengthening the lower body lies among the most efficient and effective ways of boosting physical wellbeing and preserving independence for the elderly. Strengthening workout has many benefits for senior health, which prevent many health conditions and enhance the functional quality of life including; • Improving lean muscle mass • Lowering blood pressure to reduce risks of coronary heart disease and stroke • Strengthening bones to prevent risk of osteoporosis • Improving insulin resistance and glucose tolerance • Increasing the strength of lower back to stave off lower back pain • Helps to lowering the total cholesterol

1. Calf Raises:

Following are some effective leg exercises that Senior Home Care Colorado Springs professionals suggest your loved ones to perform in their golden years to boost physical wellbeing. 1. Calf Raises Calf raises is an effective exercise to strengthen calf muscles and to give more power for stepping forward on flat surface or climbing up on hills or uneven ground. It also helps in pumping blood up from legs to the upper body and brain. 2. Ankle Circles Ankle circles are extremely helpful to enhance ankle flexibility and ability to move ankle upward and downward. This exercise is also considered as an ideal warm up for the lower leg and feet.

3. Hip Marching:

3. Hip Marching Hip marching works to strengthen thighs and hip flexors, right seated posture and helping the abdominal muscles. 4. Knee Extension Knee extension boosts the ability to stand and improves balance by strengthening knees. It is also an effective range of motion workout for seniors.

5. Standing Knee Flexion:

5. Standing Knee Flexion Standing knee flexion exercises tend to strengthen the hamstring muscles and help to maintain balance while standing. 6. Sit To Stand Sit to stand is one of the most beneficial exercises for seniors for strengthening legs and hip. This workout will provide your elderly loved one a sense of confidence and independence to perform daily routine tasks.

7. Heel Stand:

7. Heel Stand Heel stand helps to strengthen the front area of the lower legs with ankle stretches and make seniors better able to raise their toes to avoid tripping. 8. Side Hip Raise Side hip raise is an ideal exercise to strengthen side hip muscles to aid with hip arthritis, which is common among seniors. It also maintains the lower body power to improve walking and side stepping around obstacles.

9. Straight Leg Raise:

9. Straight Leg Raise Straight leg raise workout strengthens quadriceps, hip flexors and abdominal muscles as well. It allows seniors improve the movement of their legs to walk with easiness. 10. Lunges Lunges are very effective toning exercise to strengthen quadriceps and hips, and to improve the ability to get in and out of a chair and to maintain balance. It also helps seniors with lifting objects.

11. Hip Extension:

11. Hip Extension Hip extension workout helps to strengthen the hip muscles and joint to enhance the ability to walk and move forward or upstairs. 12. Partial Squats Partial squats is an amazing workout for seniors to increase quadriceps strength, hip flexibility and hip flexor strength. It improves the ability to walk, sit in and get up from a chair, and stable the body for better safety and balance.

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Families must consider hiring an expert trainer who is able to work with seniors and help them maintain physical fitness or go for a well known home care Colorado Springs service provider who will not only ensure your loved one’s health but will also provide companionship and assist with other tasks around the house. It is crucial to select any two or three workouts to perform in a week and must perform only three times a week for better results and to avoid muscle injury.

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