35 Essential Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle in Golden Years

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Do you know how you can make your senior's lifestyle more golden in their golden years? Well if now, then don't worry, This SlideShare has the 35 Healthy Lifestyle tips which you can use to make your senior feel more comfortable in their old days. If you are looking to hire a caregiver in Colorado Springs, CO, then visit us, because we are a trusted Senior home care provider in Colorado Springs, CO. Clear all your doubts by visiting our site and exploring our services. Website's URL: homecareassistancecsprings.com


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35 Essential Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle in Golden Years:

35 Essential Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle in Golden Years Many seniors undergo a number of health conditions like vision issues, limited mobility, weak limbs, diabetes, dementia, cancer, Parkinson’s, and many others, which keep them from enjoying high quality of life in golden years with family and friends. That is why seniors are recommended to maintain a healthy lifestyle by following a healthy diet plan and a fitness routine for overall wellbeing. Families of older adults must encourage them to engage in regular physical activity and socialize to boost mental and emotional wellbeing. Here are 35 tips from Colorado Springs home care experts for seniors to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Essential Tips for Older Adults:

Essential Tips for Older Adults 1. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water. 2. Engage in plenty of activities in daylight. 3. Avoid Genetically Modified Foods (GMOs). 4. Consume a well-balanced diet. 5. Avoid foods containing excessive sugar and LDL cholesterol.

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6. Include tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese in diet. 7. Eat lots of nuts, vegetables, and fruits. 8. Eat pure or organic honey and cinnamon daily. 9. Include kale, spinach and other leafy greens in diet. 10. Avoid foods with high sodium levels.

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11. Exercise daily for a strong body. 12. Go for a walk every day. 13. Eat small portions of food 4 to 5 times a day. 14. Perform yoga to advance range of motion and prevent mobility issues. 15. Avoid stress by reading a book, relaxing in a park or watching a comedy show as a routine.

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16. Eat organic or home grown food. 17. Join a social community to help the needy. 18. Make money by a hobby like knitting, crocheting, painting, teaching, cooking and any other. 19. Get sufficient sleep, as seven to eight hours of sleep is necessary for seniors. 20. Cook and eat fresh meals.

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21. Avoid processed foods. 22. Meet new people and make friends by socializing. 23. Refrain from eating a lot of carbohydrates. 24. Do anything they enjoy like reading, talking with friends, walking, watching birds by sitting on a couch near a window, cycling, cooking, and visiting new places and anything else. 25. Drink healthy smoothies.

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26. Engage in brain-healthy activities to boost mental wellbeing and prevent chances of dementia and Alzheimer’s. 27. Buy healthy snack bars only. 28. Eat whole grains or cereals made of whole grains. 29. Make time for themselves to look their best. 30. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from friends and neighbors.

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31. Think and act positively to find happiness. 32. Spend time with children and teach them a new skill. 33. Take vitamin supplements by doctor’s prescription. 34. Drink a glass of water before meals. 35. Make healthy choices in life.

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Families are suggested to help their aging loved ones to stay healthy and encourage them in every aspect of life to reach health goals. If your loved is experiencing cognitive impairments, you can also look for a reputable Colorado Springs home care agency to allow them progress cognitive health and lead a healthier and happier lifestyle in golden years.

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