How to Stay Active in Golden Years?

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In this SlideShare, Senior will find the reasons of staying active in their Golden years. For more information, visit us:


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How to Stay Active in Golden Years?:

How to Stay Active in Golden Years? Regular physical activity allows seniors to have a sense of independence and perform activities they like and enjoy. Seniors have no reason to put off exercising as there are a lot of exciting ways to stay active. Many seniors mistake physical activity for exercise, however, each has different meaning and requires the different intensity of movement. Professionals at home care believe that exercise is a planned, repetitive, and structured activity intended to progress physical fitness, whereas physical activity is a bodily movement engaging multiple muscles at a time, some of them are walking, gardening, swimming, climbing stairs, playing football and pushing a baby stroller as well.

Reasons to Stay Active:

Reasons to Stay Active Staying active allows seniors to carry out daily chores without needing other’s help and offer a sense of relaxation as it helps boost mood as well as physical and mental wellbeing. Some activities are designed to benefit vision and some to prevent mobility issues. Each has its own benefits that enhance the quality of life in golden years. Home Care Colorado Springs experts suggest seniors engage in these physical activities and exercises on a regular basis.

1. Walking or Hiking:

1. Walking or Hiking A brisk walk or an easy hike is a perfect way to engage in exercising. Whether it’s on your street, on a beach or simply a nature hike, any type and amount of walking provides great benefits to heart and lungs as well as allow seniors to find mental relaxation.

2. Gardening:

2. Gardening Gardening is a beautiful yet enjoyable activity in summers. Seniors can plant new flowers in their own yard and can also grow fruits and vegetables to save a big amount of money on buying them from the market. They can also make money by selling homegrown fruits and vegetables, and can also look forward to setting up a flower shop. It is an amazing activity to boost physical movement, find enjoyment and relieve stress.

3. Joining Senior Activity and Sport Classes:

3. Joining Senior Activity and Sport Classes Seniors can check their local community centers to know the availability of activities for them. These communities offer a wide range of enjoyable activities like Tai Chi, golf, dancing, yoga, swimming, and exercise classes. Exercises designed for seniors certainly help curtail the risk of developing age-related diseases and disabilities. Regular movement and exercise can treat many chronic conditions like arthritis, heart disease, and diabetes. Seniors with high blood pressure, difficulty walking or balance issues can also benefit from these regular activities. Community centers not only allow seniors to stay active but socialize as well.

4. Volunteering:

4. Volunteering Volunteering is one of the ideal ways for seniors to stay active. It offers an opportunity to help the needy, meet new people and make friends. Volunteering provides seniors with a sense of purpose and satisfaction while alleviating depression and anxiety. No matter which type of activity seniors choose, engaging in healthy, meaningful and enjoyable activities benefits both mental and physical wellbeing. Families can also consult their trusted home care agency for their senior loved one with mobility issues to allow them to socialize, find enjoyment and age in place in golden years.

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