Safety Tips that Help Prevent Elderly Falls

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Injuries from a fall can happen to anyone at any age, but the elderly are more vulnerable than any other group.


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Safety Tips that Help Prevent Elderly Falls:

Safety Tips that Help Prevent Elderly Falls


Injuries from a fall can happen to anyone at any age, but the elderly are more vulnerable than any other group. It is estimated that approximately one in every three seniors over 65 years of age will seek treatment at an emergency room this year from fall-related injuries. Unlike young people who suffer a fall, the elderly are far more likely to experience long-term consequences as a result. Their overall health and independence can be jeopardized from injuries sustained from a fall that could have been prevented just by employing some common sense safety measures in the home. Elderly Falls


Steps to Reduce the Risk of Falling Keep stairs and open areas of the house free of objects such as clothing, toys, books or other items that a person could trip over and fall. Encourage the elderly person to wear shoes with rubber soles at all times, even in the house. Wearing only socks or house slippers do not provide the needed traction Use only non-slip throw rugs in all rooms of the house, especially in the bathroom. Encourage anyone with a limp or balance problems to use a cane or walker to establish stability when walking. Install bright lighting everywhere in the home. Stair lights are especially important.


Recommended Safety Equipment Sturdy handrails must be installed on both sides of the stairs. An additional safety feature is to have built-in lights on each stair. Provide a cell phone or cordless phone to discourage having to run or hurry to answer the phone in another room. Do not place any rugs on the stairs or at the top or bottom. Provide a flashlight and extra batteries to be kept beside the bed. Install grab bars in the bathroom next to the bathtub and toilet. Place as many items as possible on the lower shelves in cabinets to prevent the need for a step stool. Add more overhead lights and lamps in all rooms to eliminate dark areas. Place salt on steps and sidewalks if snow or ice is present.


Slipping or falling does not have to be an inevitable part of getting older. If the proper actions are taken by loved ones or caretakers, an elderly person should not have to suffer any injuries associated with falling. So many injuries related to falling such as traumatic head injuries or hip, leg or arm fractures can be prevented. Because falls are the leading cause of injury for the elderly, family members and other caretakers should take action to help protect them from falling victim to preventable accidents. Taking an inventory of possible hazards in the home that can cause serious injury to an elderly person is the first step toward prevention. Slipping or falling

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