How to Engage Your Elderly Loved Ones in the Holiday Season?


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How can you enjoy this holiday season with your seniors and keepin' them busy with some fun activities at the same time? Get the answers to these questions by checking out the SlideShare. A SlideShare by


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How to Engage Your Elderly Loved Ones in the Holiday Season?:

How to Engage Your Elderly Loved Ones in the Holiday Season?

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The holiday season is fast approaching. This is a wonderful time for fun, enjoyment, and family bonding. The holidays can be special treats for your senior loved ones and the time when they can feel especially close to family as they reminisce the holidays gone by. How will you help your loved one get involved with the family on holidays? It takes some steps and efforts. Take a look at these useful yet fun tips, at-home care workers, Arvada have shared to keep them engaged while also having fun this Christmas season.

1. Visit Them or Take Them Home:

1. Visit Them or Take Them Home Mother Teresa said, “It is not how much you do, but how much love you put in the doing.” If your loved one lives alone, far from your home, or have trouble getting around, visit them for holidays to make them feel loved and cared for. Set the location for your aging parents or grandparents to meet and spend some time together if they don’t have mobility issues. However, bringing them to your place will give them a chance to go outside their home and meet the whole family. Bring up some chit-chat to speed on the days since you have last connected. This is a great way to combat old age loneliness during holidays.

2. Set Aside Tasks they can Handle:

2. Set Aside Tasks they can Handle During the holiday season, make a special point of reserving or creating tasks your senior loves can partake in. For example, decorating and baking can get them engaged while providing them with a sense of purpose and usefulness.

3. Help them Use Technology to Socialize:

3. Help them Use Technology to Socialize There are oftentimes family members and friends who live too far away to visit in person during the holidays. Set up a simple tablet with internet access for your loved ones so they can use email and social media platforms to interact with family via voice calls or video chats. Encourage them to learn using the technology, so if you cannot visit them at other times of the year, both of you can have a chance to connect. This way you can stay updated on their daily happenings and health status.

4. Check Out Extra Assistance:

4. Check Out Extra Assistance Another great source of help for senior and the rest of the family is having someone to help, it may be a friend or a part-time caregiver. If you are aware that you are going to be busier than usual on the holiday, consider searching for resources to provide additional care for your aging loved ones. You can consider having a respite carer , Arvada families can count on. This way, your loved ones will get the help they need while you will get some free time to spend it with them.

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Use these tips to have a great time with your loved one during holidays. If your loved one needs assistance with mobility or managing a disease, you can consider having Arvada, CO, elderly care worker so you don’t have to deal with loads of work during holidays and your loved one can spend quality time with family.

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