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Java technology defined Java is a widely used technology worldwide. Java is a programming language and is a platform. A platform can be defined as hardware or software in which a program runs. Java has its Runtime Environment (JRE) and API. Java is used in 3 billion devices; it is currently used in many devices.

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History of Java It is an internet programming language used in mobile devices, e-business solutions, games, etc. James Gosling, Patrick Naughton and Mike Sheridan initiated Java language project in the year 1991. The Sun engineers team was called the Green Team. It was designed for small, embedded systems in electronic applications like set-top noxes . It was first called Greentalk with Later it was called Oak and was part of Green Project. All this has made Java Training in Chennai popular.

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Types of Java Applications Standalone application: It is known as window based or desktop application. The application is installed in every machine like antivirus, mediaplayer , etc. Standalone applications are created using Swing. 2. Web Application: It runs on the server side and creates dynamic page, it is called web application. Servlet , jsf , struts, jsp , etc are technologies used to create web application in Java.

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Enterprise Application: It is a distributed application like banking application. It comes the advantage of high level security features, clustering and load balancing. In java, EJB is used to create enterprise applications. 4. Mobile Application: It is created for mobile devices. Android and Java ME are used for creating mobile applications.

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Features of Java Java is loaded with multiple features and it also called the buzzwords: Simple Object Oriented Secured Robust Portable Platform Independent Architecture neutral Dynamic High performance Distributed Multithreaded Interpreted Java is a based on C++. Programmers with C++ knowledge can easily learn the language. There is no need to remove unreferenced objects as there is Automatic Garbage Collection in Java.

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