Top 15 Business Ideas with Low Investments


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Are you looking for business ideas with low investments? The article contains a list of 15 business ideas that you can start with minimum capital.


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Top 15 Business Ideas with Low Investments

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Are you looking for business ideas with low investments Decided to quit your day job and start a small business from home You are not alone who are simply tired of everyday’s rat race and looking for an optimal work environment to earn a living. See Next

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It is of the simplest business ideas with minimal to no start-up capitals. Most importantly it doesn’t require any special skills and experience to start with. If you love to be with kids and find enjoyment while taking care of little children then babysitting business suits you perfectly and gives you money and recognition. 1. Start a Babysitting Business

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If you are a creative person you can make a good living as a graphic designer using your knowledge and skills to create high- quality visual arts and designs. The all you need to have a computer with internet connection and a couple of important graphic design software. 2. Freelance Graphic Designer Click Below Read More Freelance Graphic Designer

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Do you have interest in writing news and stories for newspaper or magazines Then you can start freelance journalism as it gives you the opportunity to write news articles or short stories on your preferred using your knowledge base and writing skill. 3. Start Freelance Journalism Click Below Read More Start Freelance Journalism

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It is indeed a great idea to start a business with limited money and using your own kitchen. If you have cooking expertise and knowledge of different cuisines you can satisfy your clients with a variety of ‘homemade’ food preparations. 4. Start a Catering Business Click Below Read More Start a Catering Business

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If you are struggling with a very low budget starting a consulting business would be perfect for you. The business requires strong knowledge base on a specific subject skills and experience to help the other businesses to grow solve their internal problems and stay up-to- date. 5. Start a Consulting Business Click Below Read More Start a Consulting Business

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To start a gift basket business you primarily need to utilize your artistic mind finer skills and time. It is a low investment business idea that demands uniqueness and creativity. You can make eye-catching gift baskets and offer these to the individuals and businesses. 6. Making Gift Baskets Click Below Read More Gift Basket Making Business

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Paper jewelry making is another good business idea with low investment. The main raw material is paper which is easily available and of low cost. You need not to spend on purchasing machinery and other high-valued products. 7. Start a Paper Jewelry Business Click Below Read More Start a Paper Jewelry Business

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Coaching is a business idea that needs low investment but yields high returns. You can choose a specialty area of coaching depending on your knowledge base and experience. Being a life coach you can help others to overcome difficult situations and lead a stress free life. 8. Start a Coaching Business Click Below Read More Start a Coaching Business

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Are you a pet lover If you have great affection for four-legged animals then you can start a doggie daycare business from your home and make a living. You need to invest a low start-up capital. 9. Start a Doggie Daycare Business Click Below Read More Doggie Daycare Business

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If you are a hard working individual then money is not a barrier for starting your business. You can easily start a house cleaning business and make profit from it. You need to put a small amount of money on purchasing a few basic cleaning equipment and public liability insurance. 10. Start House Cleaning Business Click Below Read More Start House Cleaning Business

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If you find enjoyment in sewing and producing attractive clothing designs starting a sewing business would fit you the best. The business does not demand huge start-up cost but requires expertise in sewing and designing abilities. 11. Start a Sewing Business Click Below Read More Start a Sewing Business

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Are you a tech-savvy person Do you have specialization in repairing computer hardware or Windows operating system Then you can start a computer repair business investing your technical knowledge and skills. What you need is to obtain a business license to start this business. 12. Start Computer Repair Business Click Below Read More Start Computer Repair Business

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It is one of the best low cost business ideas that give you mental satisfaction by sharing your knowledge and experience with your students. The business goes perfectly with the homemakers stay-at- home parents or the university students who have knowledge on specialty area 13. Start a Tutoring Business Click Below Read More Start a Tutoring Business

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Starting a travel and tour agency is quite a promising business opportunity that doesn’t require much start-up investment. If you are an experienced traveler with a knack for exploring new places and sales as a skill set starting a tour and travel agency is not that tough. 14. Start a Travel and Tour agency Click Below Read More Start a Travel and Tour Agency

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These days yoga is the people’s choice. Young generation welcomes it to live a stress free life whereas aged people get attracted towards its healing power. It is also accepted by the medical community. The growing popularity of Yoga is quite inspiring for the people who wish to become a yoga instructor. 15. Yoga Instructor Click Below Read More Yoga Instructor

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