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Presentationby the Educating the Educators project team for GTAQ 2013 conference


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Disaster Resilience Education Heather Bailie & Sally Randall-Simpson:

Disaster Resilience Education Heather Bailie & Sally Randall-Simpson

A quiz…:

A quiz… In which year did the Ash Wednesday bushfires hit? Newcastle was rocked by an earthquake in what year? 1983 1989

A quiz…:

A quiz… Which cyclone had the highest category rating? Gwenda Larry Tracy Yasi

A quiz…:

A quiz… Which cyclone had the highest category rating? Gwenda 1899 Larry Tracy Yasi

A quiz…:

A quiz… What disaster (2007-2012) generated the highest $ total of insurance claims? Queensland floods 2010 $2.38 billion Cyclone Yasi 2011 $1.4 billion Cyclone Oswald 2013 843 million Black Saturday 2009 $1.07 billion

Christchurch earthquake:

Christchurch earthquake *Video by officialinnk's channel via YouTube

PowerPoint Presentation:

So what is a disaster? A serious disruption to a community or region caused by the impact of a naturally occurring rapid onset event that threatens or causes death, injury or damage to property or the environment and which requires significant and coordinated multi-agency and community response.

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So what is a disaster? Such serious disruption can be caused by any one or a combination of: Bushfire Earthquake Flood Storm Cyclone Storm surge Landslide Tsunami M eteorite strike T ornado

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http://www.emknowledge.gov.au/disaster-information /

Focus of resilience:

Focus of resilience Resilience to disasters is part of strengthening individual and community resilience more broadly, enabling people to function more effectively in regard to a wide range of daily challenges

Focus of resilience :

Focus of resilience Emergency management programs focus attention on those who are more vulnerable to emergencies as a result of their: economic circumstances health and wellbeing geographic location connection to their place stage in life ability to manage their own affairs. “ We are all vulnerable ” (John Handmer )

The human impact of disasters:

Disasters impact upon, individuals, families, places, networks, businesses, livelihoods No two people experience the same disaster People may lose a lifetime of memories, belongings, treasured pets, irreplaceable possessions and years of hard work The consequences are long, complex, disruptive Recovery doesn’t end at the end of the financial year The human impact of disasters

The game changers:

The game changers Recent emergencies that have made us stop and think 2006- Cyclone Larry 2009-Black Saturday The impact on many different communities 2010/11 - Breadth of emergencies- NSW/QLD/VIC flooding- WA-Bushfires- SA extreme heat events 2011/12- Queensland floods People being impacted for the 3 consecutive year 2012/13- Tasmanian bushfires; Queensland floods

Christmas Day 2010 to February 2011:

Christmas Day 2010 to February 2011 NSW Floods in north of state Tasmania minor floods/storms in north of state SA heat wave WA Carnarvon floods bushfire Queensland Cyclone Tasha Floods (coastal areas & Brisbane) Cyclone Yasi Victoria ongoing flooding across North of State Flash flooding across Melbourne Black Saturday Anniversary services

2006 :


2009 :


2011 :


Why do we need to build disaster resilience:

Why do we need to build disaster resilience … Increasing numbers of disaster events The ability of local, state and federal governments to support people during a major event Communities and individuals wanting to make decisions about their own preparedness, response and recovery needs

2012 - 2013:

2012 - 2013

What contributes to disaster resilience?:

What contributes to disaster resilience? One idea per sticky note Working individually to begin with…

Disaster Resilience:

Disaster Resilience Prevent/mitigate Prepare Respond Recover

PowerPoint Presentation:

*Video by UNISDRAmericas via YouTube *Video by UNISDRAmericas via YouTube

PowerPoint Presentation:

Disaster Resilience Education Is disaster resilience taught in your school? If so, in what subject, and how effective do you think it is?

The project:

The project

DRE Resource Mapping:

DRE Resource Mapping

Primary school project:

Primary school project

PowerPoint Presentation:

d reduau.weebly.com @ dreduau

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