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WHAT IS VIDEO SCRIPT SOFTWARE? Style And Message Can Co-Exist! Now I know I bludgeoned the message point a little, but that doesn’t mean there is a trade-off between your videos character and getting the job done. Both can co-exist just fine! Just bare in mind what it is you are trying to achieve. Take this simple example, and again, I’ll look back to our hypothetical automated Forex robot video. You want to show off some glossy animated titles. That sounds cool, that could really fit in nicely with the automated element of the mes - sage. You need to pick a font. Wait, what?! Why would you pick this one?! This doesn’t fit in with the message at all, I though this was supposed to be a modern system... I was imagining something a bit more future friendly when it comes to showing how tech-savvy and automated my system is, and how, just by using it, you are tasting a technology that seems so advanced it will blow all inferior competition away... Get it? Style can aid message - simple. Target Audience The next big question - who is this video aimed at? Who exactly are you trying to connect with? This obviously informs the execution of the message. Your hoping that your video is going to appeal to primarily females aged 20-40? well that probably means you can probably ditch that section about how this automated robot will make you so rich you can drive around in a Ferrari packed to the cooling vents with bikini clad babes. Your video is pitched at guys between 20-40? Yeah those themes and images might just work! Another point is, at the same time as appealing to your target audience, you don’t want to alienate anybody who might stumble on your video, but this is secondary to catering to your target audience . Check how to improve conversion rate with Video Script

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