Used Car Dealerships Or Private Sale - Which One Would You Choose?


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Here are some of the major differences between shopping used cars at dealerships versus the private market. Visit or Hayden Auto, the best used car dealership in the Atlantic Provinces for more information.


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Used Car Dealers Vs Private Parties


Dealerships - Price Tag Better financing deals Helpful staff Buyer’s protection Warranties Return policies Gap insurance Reconditioned car


Private Parties – Price Tag No financing option No leasing option Cheap sales price, but comes with added risk Sellers may owe car loans


Private Parties Peace Of Mind Get a vehicle history report Check for pre-purchase inspection Spend hundreds of dollars to get these reports


Dealerships Ease Of Shopping Huge inventory of cars in one place Newer fleet of cars without loan balances Test drive in person Easier and quicker to see what’s right for you Potentially get everything done in one day from searching to buying Legal protection


Private Parties Ease Of Shopping Multiple meeting with strangers Beware of scammers offering attractive deals Easy negotiation to get rid of the vehicle to buyers No trade-in options No warranty or guarantee Pay for professional inspection Buyer is responsible for the paperwork and registration process Several background checks should be done


Visit Hayden Auto, Canada’s leading used car dealership giving you honest and fair deals and working to make you the customer happy.


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