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Two-Minute Pitch:

Two-Minute Pitch Hayden Vicary Phil 223 10.21.2016

Case #1 Background:

Case #1 Background A 64 year old woman is in the hospital with multiple sclerosis. The healthcare team thinks it would be a good idea to insert a feeding tube to assure adequate nourishment to her. At first the patient agrees, however, in the evening she becomes disoriented and changes her mind. The following morning she has no recollection of the decisions made from the previous day and agrees to have the feeding tube procedure done.


Position The doctor should place the feeding tube due to a lack of competence .


1.) Informed consent for medical treatment requires mental competency. 2.) When the woman regained her lucidity, she did not remember her state of mind from the day before. 3.) Mentally competent individuals would easily be able to recall information from the previous day.


4.) The woman with multiple sclerosis was not acting rationally and competently to make her own autonomous decisions (1,2,3). 5.) Without competency, the woman is unable to make self-determining informed decisions. 6.) Ackerman states that, “At times, true respect for autonomy may require the physician to intervene, and to deviate from the patients stated preferences.” (page. 110)


7.) Paternalism is permitted in this case because of the woman’s lack of autonomy/competence. 8.) The duty of beneficence mandates the physician to place the feeding tube in order to act in the best interest of the patient. 9 .) Insertion of the feeding tube would promote the most good over bad results (Mill) 10.) With the feeding tube, the woman would still get the nourishment she needs (good results) while her illness progresses (bad results).

Therefore :

Therefore 10.) The doctor should place the feeding tube due to a lack of competence (4, 7-9).


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