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M. D. Forword : M. D. Forword It is my pleasure to introduce and present to you our company, HAWA VALVES (INDIA) PVT. LTD., manufacturers and exporters of valves for specialized fields such as Oil & Gas, Offshore, Petrochemical, Power, Marine and General Industry. We are one of the largest valves manufacturers in India. We have our premier manufacturing facility and main co-ordination center in Navi Mumbai (New Bombay) on the outskirts of the great city of Mumbai (Bombay), and also modern facilities in Ahmedabad (Gujarat) and Hubli (North Karnataka), both of which have traditionally been centers for manufacturing engineering goods in India. We are an ISO 9001:2000 certified company, official Monogram Licensees of the American Petroleum Institute with API-6D, API-6A and API-600 Monogram Licenses. We were the 1st company in India to be awarded the coveted new API-600 License. Talk to us at HAWA VALVES, and know why we are called the Britney Spears of the Indian Valves Industry.

Cryogenic Valves : Cryogenic Valves Hawa Valves Cast Steel Globe Valves have been designed to meet the requirements BS 1873 / ASME B 16.34 Face to Face and End to End dimensions conform to ASME B 16.10 / ISO 5752 / BS 2080 / DIN End flange dimensions conform to ASME B 16.5 / ISO 7005-1 / API 605 / BS 3293 / DIN Butt weld end dimensions conform to ASME B 16.25 Anti-frictional Ball bearings are provided in higher sizes and classes. Outside screw and yoke construction All the valves provided with backseat arrangement The gland is of self aligning two piece type Deep stuffing box The Seat-rings are shoulder seated type having ample cross section for strength are provided with welded in and threaded Seat-rings will be supplied on request. In case of SS valves the Seat-rings are integral to Body The Body to Bonnet joint is a male & female in ISO PN 20, PN 50 & PN 110 / ASME 150#, 300# & 600# valves and ring joint is used in higher classes Valves meet the requirements of fugitive emission levels Shell category B as per MESC SPE 77/312

Research & Developments : Research & Developments This is our commitment and ongoing mission at Hawa Valves. Using state-of-the-art computer aided design (CAD) system, our team of design engineers perform 3-D modelling of parts and assemblies using advanced Analyses & Design Software Tools such as PROEngineer®, SolidWorks® and COSMOSWorks®. Under the direct supervision and responsibility of the Managing Director who has valuable and extensive exposure spread over 20 years in the industry, and headed by our Vice President (Technical Services) having experience of more than 15 years exclusively in Design of valves. Design, Research & Development Team comprising of 8 dedicated R&D Engineers at Head Office - Mumbai (Bombay) India.

Testing Facility : Testing Facility 1.   Positive Material Identification (PMI) Equipment 2.   Factory Audit in Progress 3.   Type Acceptance Testing. 4.   Helium Leak Detection Test in Progress 5.   Factory Assisted Test witnessed by Client. 6.   Testing & Verifying Actual Flow Characteristics of the Valves 7.   Fire Test in progress 8.   Online Data Recording during the Type Acceptance Testing .9.   Valve after Cryogenic Test 10. Satisfied Inspector at Our Hubli Works 11. Offshore spec painting being checked.

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Global Presence : Global Presence Hawa Valves has exported their products to over 30 countries so far – please write to the Managing Director for queries on your nearest contact, or if interested in representing us in countries where we do not have a presence as yet.

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