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Flame Decals for Model Cars in all popular scales http://racingdecals.com.au/flame-decals-for-cars/ Waterslide decals and racing stickers for model cars come in a variety of styles and sizes and with these My Custom Hot Wheels branded Flame Decals for cars you can enjoy high quality waterslide decals on your next scale model build, regardless of what scale you prefer to work with. Flame Decals for Cars


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Flame Decals for Model Cars in all popular scales Learning how to customise Hot Wheels and build scale models is the easy part. Finding your unique touch and exploring options that make you as a customiser happy is the key to making your mark and creating truly unique pieces for family friends and your own personal satisfaction. Today I want to share some tips on how to make this happen and hopefully shine some light on what makes this such an enjoyable hobby and why I have turned it into a fulltime job….sort of. Getting started is the easy part you just go and buy a model kit or some Hot Wheels diecast cars and then you purchase some quality waterslide decals for model cars from suppliers like MyCustomHotwheels.com and then you let your imagination run wild. Oh and there’s also this part in the middle whereby the model is actually built.  Flame Decals for Cars As you come to the end of a scale model build you often have a few decisions to make – do you go for a polished finish or a more weathered

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look Do you keep the traditional colour scheme or go for something more artistic and original And do you use the provided decals paint your own designs or keep it clean If you are more of a traditionalist and an array of decals is provided with your model kit chances are you’ll use them. And for good reason. Decals provide a nice touch of colour detail and authenticity to your model which is especially important for models such as diecast model cars and Hot Wheels branded and Matchbox 1:64 scale model cars. You can also enjoy these quality waterslide decals on slot cars and RC cars and any scale model cars from 1:64 all the way up to 1:10 scale Flame decals for model cars are the most popular type of decals due to the fact they work on any style and any era car - so whether you prefer the JDM scene of the lats few years or you prefer 1960s Americana you can rest assure that the flame decals for model cars will suit your build and can be used for many more custom model builds after that. For More Information :- http://racingdecals.com.au/flame-decals-for- cars/ Sometimes you may want to look for a variety of decals and model cars stickers and as such it is good to know that resources like MyCustomHotwheels.com and the attached decal and diorama store are available to keep model makers and Hot Wheels customisers busy for years to come. Another helpful piece of advice that has stayed with me for years and allowed me to grow into an accomplished customiser and scale model car builder is to ensure that regardless of the influences within the custom model community and regardless of trends within the hobby – always remember to ‘be yourself’ and follow your own individualism. Creating customs that are run of the mill creations that anyone and everyone could create is no way to enjoy the hobby – OK so maybe you can apply paint and details and then add the waterslide decals for model cars without hesitation or issue but after a while it gets kinda boring doing the same thing over and over again. With flame decals for model cars and customising Hot Wheels diecast cars and all scale models you can make your mark – with or without decals

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