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The Schedule Of Each Day And Demographics:

The Schedule Of Each Day And Demographics S egments: Breakfast Tv – wide demographic, news, cartoons. Daytime tv – 9:30-15:00 – elderly, adults who do shift work, unemployed, students. Children's tv – children, adults looking after children. Primetime – everyone Pre watershed - everyone Post watershed - adults Grave yard slot - adults

Most Popular Genres On Tv:

Most Popular Genres On Tv The most watched genres are typically reality TV. For channel 4 sit-coms are popular and repeated a lot. BBC 1’s new show ‘Dr Foster’ reached 6.3 million viewers meaning Tv Dramas are highly anticipated for the BBC.

Who Are The Target Audiences For Each Terrestrial Channel?:

Who Are The Target Audiences For Each Terrestrial Channel? BBC 1 – everybody, it’s a public service broadcaster (PSB) BBC 2 – more for adults, also a public service broadcaster (PSB) to inform, entertain and educate. ITV 1 – young adults, adults. Channel 4 – younger people. Channel 5 – everybody but less intellectually stimulating content.

Channels and Repeats:

Channels and Repeats BBC 1 and BBC 2 use repeats more often than not, 61% of each channel’s schedule's are taken up by repeats of programmes. Channel 5’s schedule is taken up 50% by repeats.

Imported Programmes:

Imported Programmes Out of all of the terrestrial channels, Channel 4 imports the most television programmes. Initially, Channel 4 was made to oppose the BBC and as a result the channel imports multiple programmes, mainly American, like ‘How I Met Your Mother’. This sets the channel apart from all of the other terrestrial channels and consequently draws in a wide demographic and adds variety to the channel.


DEFINITIONS FOR TV TERMINOLOGY PRE ECHO: Putting a new programme placed before a popular one. COUNTER PROGRAMMING: Offering TV programmes to attract an audience from another TV station which is airing a major event. MARATHON: An event in which viewers engage in many hours of media within a condensed period of time. INHERITANCE: Placing a new programme after a popular one in hopes of inheriting an audience.


DEFINITIONS FOR TV TERMINOLOGY WATERSHED: This is when it hits 9pm TV programmes suitable for an older more mature demographic are shown. Before 9pm all programmes that are shown must be suitable for a general audience, including children. STUNTING: Occurs when a station airs content that is uncharacteristic compared to what they normally play in hopes of taking viewership from another channel. ZONING: Programmes of a similar genre are broadcasted one after the other on a particular channel. STRIPPING: Broadcasting a programme at the same time every day or week.

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