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Children's Christmas Book - Santa Claus birthday on Christmas Eve, greatest Christmas gifts are love and service. Brett O Parson


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Christmas Eve falls on a Magical Night, Santa’s birthday, in fact, right before he takes flight! This book holds many secrets about the North Pole, Like why an elf without a hat looks rather quite droll. And especially why Santa does what he does. There’s a reason, of course, and not just because. And it’s here that a Hat Elf learns to believe. Why it’s really much better to give than receive.

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Brett Parson Brett Parson has always loved telling stories and "creating things" with the wonderful people and resource that surround him. Brett's earliest memory of books came as his mother read the serendipity series to her young children. He remembered having a conscious "ah ha" that he would one day create books with his sister, Holly, not then knowing whether he could write or she could illustrate, but that one day it would just happen. Brett lives in Idaho with his gorgeous wife and four children. He runs his own marketing and design firm . When he's not working, you can find him spending way too much time with his family at Disneyland. Holly Parson Nielsen Holly Parson Nielsen is an award-winning illustrator who has been drawing pictures ever since she could first hold a pencil. Holly illustrations can be found in a variety of bookstores and studios. Holly pursued art like her father(Leon) and uncle(Del): she has a bachelor's degree in fine art and lives in Idaho with her husband and three children, where they enjoy many snowy white and magical Christmases. To see more of her art visit . Meet The Authors

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$17.99 Did you know Santa's birthday is on Christmas Eve? Read about the adventures of a special HAT ELF named T.W. as he journeys to Santa's Workshop with a bag full of hats! And watch as he learns why it really is better to give than receive. Size: 10×10″ Weight: 1.25 lbs Hardcover, perfect bound with book sleeve Buy Now Buy Now

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