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Andrew Clements By: Lisa Hatfield “Writing for children is a great privilege.”

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Biography Born 1949 in Camden, New Jersey Raised in Oaklyn and Cherry Hill, New Jersey until 6th Grade Family relocated to Springfield, Ill in Middle School Key Moment** HS Teacher loved his poetry – told him he should publish! Graduated Northwestern &Earned Masters of Arts in Teaching at National Louis University Teacher of 4th, 8th & HS English for 7 years in Chicago Married professional actress first year of teaching After son was born and he was fired two times due to “reduction in force” decided teaching was not reliable source of income Sold everything and moved to New York to pursue singer/songwriter career Songwriting did not work out as planned –entered the world of publishing – specializing in how to books Moved to Alphabet Press, then Picture Book Studio – began writing picture books 1990 – began work on first novel – Frindle – published in 1996

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Novels by Andrew Clements

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Chapter Books Jake Drake Class Clown

Picture Books plus many more : 

Picture Books plus many more

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Specialty Books Music Time, Any Time! Sparkle’s Brightest Holiday Things That Go Eek on Halloween And more… Curriculum Books Robocat The Big Gust And more… Early Readers Delores and the Big Fire Ringo Saves the Day And more… Around the World Books Other Works by Andrew Clements

Frindle Activity : 

Frindle Activity Summary of Frindle – the story of a boy who invents a word. Andrew Clements’ inspiration for this novel came from a visit at a local elementary school where he discussed words and the dictionary and the idea of how new words start… Nicholas Allen has plenty of ideas and most have gotten him into trouble at school. But now Nick's in fifth grade, and it looks like his days as a troublemaker are over. Everyone knows that Mrs. Granger, the language arts teacher, has X-ray vision, and nobody gets away with anything in her classroom. To make matters worse, she's also a fanatic about the dictionary, which is hopelessly boring to Nick. But when Nick learns an interesting tidbit about words and where they come from, it inspires his greatest plan yet: to invent a word. From now on, a pen is no longer a pen - it's a frindle. It doesn't take long for frindle to take root, and soon the excitement spreads well beyond his school and town. His parents and teacher would like Nick to put an end to all this nonsense. But frindle doesn't belong to Nick anymore. All he can do now is sit back and watch what happens.

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Great Activity for 4th – 5th Grade. Frindle 105 pages. Find more details on www. Create and define your own new word. Think of an object, a situation, or behavior that you think needs a single new word all its own. Divide up into teams and come up with ten words you think you won't find in a standard dictionary. Check the dictionary and give yourself a point for each word you don't find. The team with the most points wins. When Nick decides to call a pen a frindle, he creates a new synonym for a word that has few. But many words, such as friend or attractive or ugly, already have several common synonyms. On your own or with a group, make a list of words with many synonyms. What's the largest number of synonyms you can come up with for one single word?

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Reflecting on Author studies in the classroom Studying authors in the classrooms make the authors real to students Learning how authors began writing and publishing may inspire children to write creatively Comparing a variety of works from one author helps children understand writing styles and what makes a good story

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