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The Ministry Of Khawaja Nazimuddin1948-1951 : 

Khawaja was made Governor General and Liaquat Ali Khan as P.M 14th Sept 1948. India invades Hyderabad Daccan on 17th Sept 1948. Objectives Resolution was passed on 12th march 1949. PRODA 1949. Basic Principles Committee 28th Sept 1950. Liaquat Ali Khan Assassination 16th Oct 1951. The Ministry Of Khawaja Nazimuddin1948-1951

The Ministry Of Malik Ghulam Muhammad 1951-1955 : 

2nd Governor General Oct 1951. Nazimuddin dismissed and Muhammad Ali Bogra appointed as P.M on 17th April 1953. 1st Five year plan for Economy.1953 SEATO. Aug 1953. The Ministry Of Malik Ghulam Muhammad 1951-1955

The Ministry Of Malik Ghulam Muhammad 1951-1955 : 

PRODA Repealed and limiting power of Governor General .21st Sept 1954. Dissolution of Assembly by G .M 29th Sept 1954. S.H.C Declared Dissolution of Assembly as Unconstitutional. Feb 1955. New Assembly Elected and G.M. Resigned due to ill Health The Ministry Of Malik Ghulam Muhammad 1951-1955

Major General Iskandar Mirza 1955-1958 : 

3rd Governor General and C.H Muhammad Ali was made P.M.in 1955. One Unit Introduced on 5th Oct 1955. Constitution Announced on 23rd march 1956. C.H. Muhammad Ali resigned , Hussain Suhrawardy was P.M on 12th Sept 1957. Major General Iskandar Mirza 1955-1958

Major General Iskandar Mirza 1955-1958 : 

Suhrawardy dismissed ,I.I.Chunrigar was appointed P.M. on 8th Oct 1957. Chunrigar dismissed, Feroz Khan was appointed P.M in Dec 1957. Mirza imposed Martial Law ,made himself President and Ayub Khan was made P.M. on 7th Oct 1958. Major General Iskandar Mirza 1955-1958

General Ayub Khan 1958-1969 : 

Ayub Khan takes over . Basic democracies Introduced in Oct 1959. New Constitution was announced on 1st March 1962. 1965 WAR . Ayub resigned on 25th march 1969. General Ayub Khan 1958-1969

General Yahya Khan 1969-1971 : 

Yahya Khan as President in march 1969. 1962 Constitution was Suspended in April 1969. Civil War breaks out between East and West Pakistan on 25th March 1971. General Yahya Khan 1969-1971

General Yahya Khan 1969-1971 : 

1971 War. Yahya resigned and BHUTTO took over on 28th Dec 1971 Bangladesh as an Independent State on 21st Dec 1971 Mujib-ur-Rehman as 1st P.M of Bangladesh on 10th Jan 1972 General Yahya Khan 1969-1971

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto 1971-1977 : 

Policies: Economic Reforms on 3rd Jan 1972. Labor Policies on 10th Feb 1972. Land reforms on 1st march 1972. Martial Law Lifted on 21st April 1972. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto 1971-1977

Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto 1971-1977 : 

Simla Agreement with India on 2nd July 1972. Banks Nationalized on 1st Jan 1973. New constitution passed on 12th April 1973, Bhutto elected president 14th April 1973. Elections on 7th March 1977. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto 1971-1977

General Zia -ul- Haq 1977-1988 : 

Zia seizes power on 5 July 1977. FSF disbanded on Nov 1977. Zia made President on Sep 1978. Bhutto hanged on 4 April 1979. Soviet invasion of Afghanistan on 25 Dec 1979. Shariat Laws introduce in 1979. General Zia -ul- Haq 1977-1988

General Zia -ul- Haq 1977-1988 : 

PCO on march 1980. Zakat ordinance in June 1980. Anti Zakat Riots in 1984. Referendum in 1984. Election to the N.A in Feb 1985. End of Martial Law on 3rd Dec 1985. Ojhri Camp Explosion on 10th April 1988. Junejo Dismissed on 29th April 1988. Zia killed in air crash on 17th Aug 1988. General Zia -ul- Haq 1977-1988

Benazir Bhutto 1988-1990 and1993-1996 : 

1st women P.M in history of Muslim world . Policies for women. Policy on Taliban . Human Rights . Minority rights. Encouragement to NGOs. Education Reforms. Corruption. Benazir Bhutto 1988-1990 and1993-1996

Nawaz Sharif 1990-19931997-1999 : 

1st Term. 2nd Term. Relation with the Military . Pakistan Nuclear Tests . The Lahore Resolution . Kargil Conflict. Military Coup. Corruption Charges . Nawaz Sharif 1990-19931997-1999

General Pervez Musharaf 1999-2008 : 

Role in Kargil Conflict . Foreign policy . Support for the ware on terror Relation with India Relation with China Relation with Saudi Arabia Nuclear Proliferation General Pervez Musharaf 1999-2008

General Pervez Musharaf 1999-2008 : 

Domestic Issues . Denunciation of Extremism. 2004 Confidence Vote . Economy . Women Rights . Corruption Issues . Lal Masjid Siege . Suspension of Chief Justice . Relation with the Nawaz Sharif and Benazir Bhutto . Impeachment Movement and Resignation. General Pervez Musharaf 1999-2008

Conclusion: Acorrding to us : 

Best political period was 1971-1977 of MR. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. And Best Economical Period was 1958-1969 of General Ayub Khan. And For Pakistan Dictatorship is more suitable than Democracy. Conclusion: Acorrding to us




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