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INPUT OUTPUT DEVICES A PRESENTATION BY HARSHAL RAM MEENA B. Tech (1 st semester) civil engineering 12/7/2012 1 by harshal ram meena


KEYBOARD The keyboard is the most common input device used for all kinds of computer such as mainframes, minis and micro. Program and data are entered into a computer through a keyboard. It contains alphabets, digits, special characters and some control keys. When a key pressed an electronic signal is produced which is detected which is detected by an electronic circuit for keyboard encoder. A “qwerty” type of keyboard contains 101/102 keys but now days keyboards of more keys are available. Some function of keys are explained below 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 2

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Sr. N. Function Explanation 1 ENTE R This is a return key. When it is pressed the curser comes in the beginning of the next line. 2 END This key brings curser at the end of a line. 3 ALT This key provides alternate functions of other keys. 4 HOME This key allow s the user to move curser instantly to the beginning of the stored text. 5 PGUP This key permits the user to move one screen upward. 6 PGDN This key permits the user to move one screen downward. 7 DEL This key is used to erase the characters one by one from the right of curser position. 8 INSERT This key allow s inserting characters. 9 F1, F2… F10 These are the function keys used for several functions, according to the program. 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 3


MOUSE This is a pointing device. Mouse is held in one hand and rolled along a flat surface. Its movement and the direction of the movement is detected by rotating wheel on the wheel on the under side of the mouse. By pressing the mouse the user communicates his choice to the computer. In an optical mouse in place of rotating wheel and ball is used a laser beam is used for movement of curser. 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 4


SCANNER Scanner is also an input device. This is used to enter the information directly into the computer. The process of scanning performs the input operation. The scanning process is based on optical technology. 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 5


OPTICAL MARK READER(OMR) This is generally used to check objective type questions /answers. OMR is used in checking objective type answer sheets, population survey. 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 6


MAGNETIC-INK CHARACTER READER(MICR) Special ink called magnetic ink is used to write character on the cheques and deposit forms, which are to be processed by an MICR. MICR is capable of reading characters on a paper written by magnetic ink. MICR is widely used by banks to process large volume of cheques and deposits written everyday. 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 7


THE JOYSTICK The joystick is screen-pointing device. Joysticks are often used to control video games, and usually have one or more push-buttons whose state can also be ready by the computer. The use of joysticks is in such high demand. 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 8


LIGHT PEN Light pen is used as a pointing device. The light sensitive diode at the tip of the pen would sense the light coming from the screen. The light pen is also useful for graphics work. EXAMPLE- the user at the computer Aided Design (CAD) terminal can draw directly on the screen with the pen. 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 9


TOUCH SCREEN Limited amount of data can be entered via a terminal or a microcomputer that has a touch screen. The user simply touches the screen at the desired locations. EXAMPLE: Railway reservation enquiry touch screen. 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 10

Universal serial bus:

Universal serial bus It is serial bus standard to connect device to a host computer. 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 11 Host controller Device Logical pipes Endpoints in the device

Input output devices:

Input output devices 12/7/2012 by harshal ram meena 12 A PRESENTATION BY HARSHAL RAM MEENA B. Tech (1 st semester) civil engineering

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