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Oracle E-Business Suite:

Oracle E-Business Suite Deployment of Oracle EBS and Customization of HR and Payroll By: Harry Jd


Agenda Introduction Installation of EBS Customization of Work Structure People Management Payroll Management Reporting Conclusion


Introduction 3

Why ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning):

Why ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) ERP systems are business management systems that integrate all facets of the business into a tightly integrated information system, facilitating a seamless exchange of information across the organization.

Availabale ERP’s Systems:

Availabale ERP’s Systems SAP Oracle Microsoft Dynamics People Soft JD Edwards Ramco Invensys Epicor Lawson Software Macola

Vendors Market Share:

Vendors Market Share

Why Oracle EBS:

Why Oracle EBS The ERP Market Sizing Research by Simon Jacobson, Jim Shepherd, Marianne D'Aquila and Karen Cater

Why Oracle EBS:

Why Oracle EBS The Overall Satisfaction of SAP vs. Oracle

Oracle EBS Customers:

Oracle EBS Customers Scottish Government

Oracle E-Business Suite:

Oracle E-Business Suite 10


Introduction 11 Customers Employees Partners Suppliers

Problem Statement:

Problem Statement Today's growing organizations need to be able to coordinate a cross functional information. In order to make unsurpassed use of resources, Organization needs a comprehensive Enterprise solution that can act as an organization-wide control centre. ERP system breaks down numerous legacy functional systems & provide cross functional business information for better decision in a timely manner across the entire business enterprise. The aim of this project is effectively and efficiently deploy HR and Payroll modules into single unified system and reduce the process cycle time by moving information faster among business units for SEECS-NUST

Oracle EBS Modules:

Oracle EBS Modules Integrated , Yet Moduler Procurement Customer & Master Data Management Human Capital Supply Chain Achieve Rapid Return Standardize and Simplify Procurement Supply Chain Human Capital Customer & Master Data Management Financials Applications Technology E-Business Suite 12 & Projects E-Business Suite 12.1


Architechure User Interface Application Logic Database Tier Desktop/Client Tier Application Tier Database Tier Internet Oracle 11 g Database

Installation :

Installation 15

Installation :

Installation Oracle EBS installation comprises of: Pre-installation During Installation Post Installaion 16

i)Pre Installation :

i)Pre Installation Hardware requirements Media requirements Pre-requisite packages Staging Area Creating User Accounts Domain Name Settings 17

Hardware requirements:

Hardware requirements Application Node 55GB Database Node 208GB Staging Area 55GB RAM 4GB Processor Core 2 duo 2Gh 18

Media Requirments:

Media Requirments Oracle Enterprise Linux 5 Oracle EBS R12.1.1 19

Pre-requisite packages:

Pre-requisite packages binutils- openmotif21-2.1.30-11.EL5.i386 xorg-x11-libs-compat-6.8.2-1.EL.33.0.1.i386 compat-oracle-el5-1.0-5.i386 kernel-headers-2.6.18-8.el5.x86_64 20

Staging Area:

Staging Area Appropriate Directory structure required for coping the content of EBS R12 Media Is used by the Installer Minimizes the time of installation Reduces the chances of errors 21

Staging Area:

Staging Area Stage12 startCD oraApps oraDB oraAS oraAppDB Disk1 Disk1-n Disk1-n Disk1-n Disk1-n 22

Creating user Accounts:

Creating user Accounts /usr/sbin/groupadd dba /usr/sbin/useradd oracle –g dba /usr/sbin/useradd applmgr –g dba passwd oracle passwd mpplmgr 23

ii) During Installation:

ii) During Installation Running Rapidwiz Configuration Setting Database Installation Apply Patches Application Servers Installation 24

Rapidwiz Utility:

Rapidwiz Utility Automates many of the steps required for installing Oracle E-Business Suite Application R12. Simplifies both single node and multi node installation. Minimize installation time. Install a new database node or application node 25

Running rapidwiz:

Running rapidwiz Time required for installation is about 6 hours ./rapidwiz ./rapidwiz –servername rapidwiz located at /u0/Stage12/startCD/Dick/rapidwiz 26

Running rapidwiz:

Running rapidwiz 27

Running rapidwiz:

Running rapidwiz 28

Running rapidwiz:

Running rapidwiz 29

Running rapidwiz:

Running rapidwiz 30

Applying Patche 6078836:

Applying Patche 6078836 31 Note: Missing of this patch causes theses errors

Installaed Products:

Installaed Products 32 Note: Missing of this patch causes theses errors

iii) Post Installation:

iii) Post Installation Client Configuration Start/stop Services 33

Oracle E Business Suite Customization :

Oracle E Business Suite Customization 34

Key FlexField:

Key FlexField 35 Work structure, people management and payroll are the modules of Oracle EBS we focused to customize for SEECS.

Work Structure:

Work Structure 36

Work Flow:

Work Flow 37

Slide 38:


Employer Type:

Employer Type 39

Key FlexField:

Key FlexField 40 are user defined entities that enable to represent the unique structure of business entities Position Job Grade

Key FlexField:

Key FlexField 41 Plan the structure Consider Validation Segment Size Naming Conventions Consider Future Changes Number of Segments Segment Values

Business Groups:

Business Groups 42 A business group (BG) represents your enterprise which has a fair number of employees. Sign On Choose Responsibility Create New Business Group Grant Access to New Business Group Proceed to Other Setup

Creating Locations:

Creating Locations 43 Sign On Choose Responsibility Create Location


Jobs 44 Professor Career Development officer Accountant

Positions and Positional Heirarchies:

Positions and Positional Heirarchies 45 DEE Head Career development officer Alumni Relations officer Dean DG BS Head DOC Head


Organogram 46 DOEE Career development office Alumni Relations office Dean DG SEECS-NUST

People Management:

People Management 47

People Management:

People Management 48 Enter and track people from the day the apply for a job to the day they leave your enterprise Hold ,inquire about and track personal Information Record maintain and report information Treat Contingent worker separately

Work Flow:

Work Flow 49

Personal Information :

Personal Information 50 Role of person in an organization Identify group of people and benefits Display format Identify Additional information Manage CV Qualification detail Previous employment Contact detail Contract

Assignments Information:

Assignments Information 51 Track the progress of your worker Classify Status Control whether you include assignment in payroll processing Employee can’t be deleted before the assignment end date.


Payroll 52

Work Flow:

Work Flow 53


Reporting Organogram Positional Heirarchies Personal Information Assignment Details Work Details Applicant Details 54


References Oracle Academy Study Guide for Apps DBA Oracle Implementation Guide for E-Business Suite Oracle Academy Implementation Guide for HR and Payroll Oracle Academy Impimentation guide for work structure Oracle Academy Impimentation guide for peoplemanagement 55

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