Sneaky Ways to Get Social Signals


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This document is very useful for those who wants to increase their SEO ranking by using social signals. It will give you the reasons why you should not stop chasing social signals. For more information visit: .


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Sneaky Ways to Get Social Signals. 2019 Presented by: 01

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02 Famous Quote Listening to customers is more important than it’s ever been because their feedback is manifestly public where it’s historically been private. " " T h i s i s t h e r e a s o n w e s h o u l d n o t i g n o r e s o c i a l s i g n a l s . Presented by:

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03 Do you know the reason behind making all the efforts to build your social presence Actually it’s not the social activity that matters but what happens as a result of that activity. Social signals are the result of that activity. 45 TOTAL VISIBILITY INCREASES DUE TO SOCAIL SIGNALS. ACCORDING TO A RESERCH Presented by:

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04 Introduction to Social Signals When people share like upvote or pin any posts or ads of your brand that you have posted on multiple social media sites like Facebook Pinterest Instagram Twitter etc then collectively it is called social signals. Presented by:

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05 Reasons Why You Should Never Stop Chasing Social Signals. We all know that SEO is all based on links. The number of times people visit or share your link the more prior it will be in the eyes of search engines. Social signals are the parameters that indirectly help you to increase the visibility of the links of your website. How When you post ads or run an ad campaign for your brand on different social media platforms by adding links to each of your posts and ads then people who visit your ads may have chances to click on the link and visit your website. In this way social media platforms help you to increase the visibility of your website. Presented by:

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06 of people first take recommendations from their friends and family before buying anything as they give the right experience to them. Social signals are a new kind of social proof that helps you to increase the authenticity of your brand. They add credibility to your content and highlight the value of your post. The more your post gets shared the more credibility it gains within your industry increasing the likelihood of influencers sharing it and linking to it within their own content. 92 Presented by:

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07 Study the intention behind sharing things. When you get the reason why people do share stuff then it will help you to draft posts that will force people to share your post. ANALYSIS TELLS THAT: 84 of people share to promote a cause. 78 of people share to show their presence. 68 of people share to define who they are. Thousands kinds of stuff are posted on a single day and so companies have to face a lot of problems in order to showcase their ads over the right audience. So you have to find the correct slot of time where there are high chances of your ads to be seen by your audience. Select the right time for posting. Presented by:

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08 Hire influencer for your brand. You know not all social signals leave the same impact. The social signals from a powerful influencer can propel your content to a most outstanding peak than any other. Presented by: Wrapping words: Though Google has declared social signals as the non- ranking factor for Googles algorithm but we all know that there is a direct correlation between sites that have lots of high-quality links and rank high in the search engines. So without thinking much start focusing on improving your social signals.

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