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EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT Kedar lele 01 Priyadarshani 09 Harishankar 50 Nikesh Shah 52 From G.N.V.S I.O.M.


INDEX What is Employee Engagement ? Types Of Employee Employee Engagement Is Influenced By Engaged Employees The ten C’s of employee engagement Components of Employee Engagement The factors that influence engagement Engagement strategy Hari

Employee Engagement:

Employee Engagement “Who is aware of business context and works closely with colleagues to improve performance within the job for the benefit of the organization.” Bevan etal (1997) Hari

What is Employee Engagement ?:

What is Employee Engagement ? I ts a step ahead than employee Satisfaction: Belief in the organization Desire to work to make things better Understanding of business context and the ‘bigger picture’ Respectful of and helpful to colleagues Willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ Keeping up to date with developments in the field Nikesh

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Engagement is the energy, passion, or fire in the belly employees have for their employer Stay : Desire to be a member of the organization Say : Speak positively about the organization Strive : Go beyond what is minimally required Nikesh

Types Of Employee:

Types Of Employee Engaged Not Engaged Disengaged Kedar

Employee Engagement Is Influenced By :

Employee Engagement Is Influenced By Employee perceptions of job importance. Employee clarity of job expectations. Career advancement/improvement opportunities. Kedar

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Regular feedback and dialogue with superiors Quality of working relationships with peers, superiors, and subordinates Perceptions of the ethos and values of the organization Kedar

Engaged Employees :

Engaged Employees Strong Relationship – Manager and coworker. Clear Communication Clear Path Hari

The ten C’s of employee engagement:

The ten C’s of employee engagement Control Confidence Clarity Connect Credibility Priya

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Convey Contribute Career Congratulate Collaborate Priya

Components of Employee Engagement:

Components of Employee Engagement Cognitive Affective Behavioral Priya

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“Over the years Ratan Tata might have headed the group across many uncharted territories but one of his constant philosophies has been people matter . The Tata group employees friendly policies are a prime examples of how a good relationship with your employees can make for a successful business” - Mumbai Mirror, Feb 15,2011 Priya

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