Tips to communicate with your Ex-Partner Effectively


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Having difficulties communicating with your Ex-Partner? This presentation has the tips to communicate with your Ex effectively.


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Communicating with your Ex-Partner Effectively:

Communicating with your Ex-Partner Effectively

Your Ex-Partner is the Parent of your Child:

You should consider your Ex as your child’s other parent. You need to realize his/her importance for your child. You need to understand that your Ex will always be connected with your child’s life. Your Ex-Partner is the Parent of your Child

Treat your Ex Politely:

Treat your Ex-partner generously and politely. If you want to have respect from your Ex, give your Ex some respect. Treat your Ex the same way as you want to be treated. Treat your Ex Politely

Watch your Words:

Choose your words carefully while talking to your EX. Avoid harsh words like “You Always” and “You Never.” Use polite and gentle words if you want to be heard. Watch your Words

Don’t go for Change :

Never make rapid changes in the schedule. If you feel something is running with a regular course of manner, avoid changing it. Changes are necessary but only then when something is not working. Do not respond to changes (if made) abruptly. Don’t go for Change

Make a Parenting Plan:

It is always good to make a parenting plan for effective upbringing of your children. Make parenting plans regarding the education of children, hobbies, extra-curricular activities. Don’t make any plans without the consent of the children. Its their lives and they should be consulted first before making any plans about them. Make a Parenting Plan

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