Database migration services


Presentation Description database migration services help for hassle-free transfer and storage of data in the preferred file formats and storage types. Our team of experts carefully evaluate the migration process and execute it with ease. With advanced database migration tools and methods, the process becomes seamless.


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Database migration services:

Database migration services

Database migration:

Database migration Database migration in the context of enterprise applications basically means moving your data from one environment/platform to another. Database services are part of cloud migration services. There are many reasons that a person would want to move to a different platform. For example, a company might find that some particular database-oriented software has features that can help their business needs or a company ideally decides to save money by moving to a cloud-based environment. Or, the legacy systems are simply outdated. The process of database migration involves multiple iterations and phases like assessing the current databases and future needs of the company, normalizing and moving the data and also migrating the schema. Testing is also a major domain in database migration.

Benefits of database migration :

Benefits of database migration Cost Modernized software One source of truth


cost The primary reason for companies migrating databases is to save money. Often companies will move from an on-premise physical database to a cloud database. This saves on manpower as well as the infrastructure and expertise needed to support it.

  Modernized software :

  Modernized software Another common reason for migrating the database is to move from an outdated system or legacy systems to a system that can accept modern data needs. In the age of big data, its mandate to feature a new storage technique. For example, a company might choose to move from a SQL database to a flexible system.

  One source of truth :

  One source of truth Database migration services are like Aws or azure cloud migration services which are a part of cloud migration services. Another reason to migrate data is to move all the data of the company to one place that is accessible by all the divisions. This is done when there is some acquisition that the system needs to be. Or, it can happen when different systems are isolated from others. For example, the Marketing group might use one database while the IT department uses another database and these systems cannot interact with each other. When you have different databases that are incompatible, it's very hard to get the insights.

Database migration services challenges :

Database migration services challenges Database migration services can be very complex, but with proper planning, these common challenges can be minimized: Data loss or corruption Security

Data loss or corruption :

Data loss or corruption When migrating databases, it’s very important to ensure that your data is safely moved without any loss or corruption. You’ll need to plan how to test for data loss or corruption that happens during the transfer of data from one system to another.


Security When you move data from one platform to another platform, it’s important to protect the data and keep it secure. Unfortunately, there are many criminal actors who would want to get their hands on the personal data we have stored. You need to encrypt the data or remove PII(personally identifiable information) as a part of the migration process.

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