Essential Building Materials for Constructing Buildings

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Essential Building Materials for Constructing Buildings Good quality construction materials are an essential component of any civil structure. Starting from TMT bars to cement and bricks best quality building materials ensure that the concrete structure is both durable and profitable. And that is why utmost care should be taken while purchasing construction and raw materials. From bricks to TMT bars every construction demands a few basic building materials. No construction work is complete if even one of the materials is missing. If you are planning for construction take a look at this checklist of materials you will need: 1. Natural Construction Materials Construction materials can be generally categorized into two sources natural and synthetic. Natural materials are those that are unprocessed or minimally processed by industry such as lumber or glass. Synthetic materials are made in industrial settings after much human manipulations such as plastics and petroleum-based paint. Both have their uses. 2. Cement Cement is used as a binder. A mix of cement with sand is used for binding the construction materials such as bricks or TMT rod together. Cement is usually of two types. This includes hydraulic cement and non-hydraulic. The differentiation is done by the cement’s ability to set with water. Hydraulic cement has adhesive properties. These set quickly with water. Non-hydraulic cement does not set with water. 3. Concrete Concrete is a combination of aggregate composites and a binder cement. Concrete comes in many varieties but Portland cement concrete is the one commonly used for construction. Portland cement is made using cement gravel sand and water. These materials are mixed and then it’s left to harden. This is how concrete is made. Concrete has low tensile strength and that’s why engineers use TMT bars to strengthen it. 4. Wood As a construction material wood has a lot going for it. It can be used as a primary material as seen in log cabin construction or blended with other building materials and used as either a decorative element or support structure. Wood is lightweight compared to stone and its strong once its been seasoned to remove moisture. It can also be cut to length easily. 5. TMT Bar TMT rod or TMT bars are used as a structural framework for all concrete structures such as houses skyscrapers. TMT bars are the backbone of these structures and are widely used for construction. TMT bar manufacturing process involves steps such as compression rolling followed by heat treating and then cooling them with water also called quenching. Quenching is the last step in the manufacturing process of TMT bars and it hardens its outer layer. This gives high strength to the bars and makes them durable. Best quality TMT bars are considered best for making your homes strong and durable. It has got a ribbed design that forms an excellent bond with the cement thus ensuring a strong support to the

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structure. TMT bars have excellent bending. That’s why it’s easy for the workers to mold these bars in various shapes as per the demand of the construction. Construction’s Information Initiative by Hariom Epoxy Shield For more information visit our Social Media EpoxyCoatedSteelTMTBarsinMumbai CoatedSteelTMTBarsinMumbai FusionBondedEpoxyCoatedSteelinMumbai EpoxyShieldedSteelTMTBarsinMumbai anticorrosioncoatingonthesteel anticorrosioncoatingonsteelbars EpoxyCoatedSteelbarsinindia steelrebarsinindia epoxysteelrebarssuppliersinmumbai steelrebarscoating steeldowelbarsinindia epoxysteeldowelbarsmanufacturersinindia buildingmaterials importantmaterials

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