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air,water are natural resources


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Natural Resources Soil, water, plants, air and animals are natural resources. Natural Resources Non-renewable Air Soil Minerals Water Renewable Plants Animals

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The resources that we can never produce by any method are called non-renewable resources. We cannot produce air, soil, water or minerals. It is beyond the capability of human being to do so. Non-renewable

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Air - a natural resource Without air we cannot survive. Air is balanced mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon and other gases. Unlimited growth of factories and vehicle is responsible for air pollution. Proportion of carbon dioxide increase in the air causes more heat retained in the atmosphere. That is why we are facing ‘global warming effect’. REMEDIES FOR ALL THESE ?

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Water - a natural resource Due to earth’s increasing temperature, the formation of stores of ice ( that gives rise to melt water ) has become more difficult Points to Remember Water is a non-renewable resource. There are only limited reserves of water. The available reserves of water are getting polluted.

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SOIL Soil is another important non-renewable resource. The life cycle of all living things begins from and ends in soil. Food grains grown in the soil. Remember Soil gets polluted due to - (i) Overuse of chemical fertilizers for growing crops. (ii) Release of polluted water, chemicals, and slag from factories into the soil. (iii) Overuse of insecticide sprayed on the soil. (iv) Overuse of water.

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Measures for protecting soil Planting trees Using organic fertilizers Using organic insecticides Preventing the cutting down of trees

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Minerals Minerals are very important part of our natural wealth. They can never be produced by any method. The uncontrolled use of minerals fuels like diesel or petrol is causing depletion of their deposits. Besides, it also causes the trapping of heat in earth’s atmosphere by the carbon dioxide gas given out when these fuels burn.

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SPACE FOR STUDENT Search alternative sources of energy ● ● ● ●

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Renewable resources Those resources which can be produced again and again are called renewable resources. Plants and animals can be produced again and again. We can grow plants by sowing them Plants also grow on their own.

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