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DEFINITION MAITENANCE The act of maintaining or the state of being maintained. The work of keeping something in proper condition; upkeep.

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The Operators can find an abnormality They can Perform Daily Checking They can judge an abnormal condition They fully understand the structure and function of the facility They can detect an abnormal condition using their five senses

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The operators can deal with the trouble and perform the recovery They can make an improvement They can recover (repair) the malfunctions

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The operators can create the judgment standard They can create the checking standard by themselves, and can both check the equipment and instruct junior staff on how to perform the check

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The operators can examine the cause of trouble - They can think about “WHY?” when a loss or abnormality occurs.

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Productive Maintenance - is a technique for allowing production system to exert its capability to the maximum.

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Productive Maintenance Maintenance Activities Improve Activities Preventive Maintenance Breakdown Maintenace Corrective Maintenance Maintenance Prevention

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What Is Preventive Maintenace Daily Maintenance to Prevent Deterioration(cleaning, checking, lubricating, tightening bolts) Periodic Inspection and Facility Diagnosis Maintenance for recovery

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TBM( Time Based Maintenance) Time Based Maintenance is the methode whereby maintenance is carried out in a fixed cycle determined by the mean time between failure(MTBF) and other factors. Fixed Cycle Inspection , Repair Replacement, Renewal Inspection , Repair Replacement, Renewal Inspection , Repair Replacement, Renewal Inspection , Repair Replacement, Renewal

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CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) Also referred as prediction maintenance. This is a method whereby facility deterioration is constantly or periodically monitored by facility diagnosis and maintenance is conducted when an abnormality is found. Monitoring : Predicting and foreseeing the deterioration quantitatively (When an abnormality found) Inspection,Repair Replacement,Renewal

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Breakdown Maintenance is carried out after breakdown has occurred. No failures frequently No serious effect with short time failure shutdown Where spare or replacement available Not so important

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CM (Corrective Maintenance) Is the maintenance work which improves the existing facility to a state where it is free of breakdown(reliable), easy to check and repair(good Maintenance), easy to operate and operates safety.

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MP(Maintenance Prevention) - design must be created by examining the maintenance information so that the facility can be free of failures, repair immediately even if a failure occurs, easy to operates, safe for operation, and incurs low cost.

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TPM(Total Productive Maintenance) - activities is that everyone participate in multiple activities in small groups and the operators themselves are responsible for carrying out the maintenance(voluntary maintenance activities).

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Why everyone should participate in Productive Maintenance? to keep the production equipment running the operator in charge of operating the machine must be responsible for the maintenance of the machine. The engineers in charge of design and development of facilities and products. Efficiency even in indirect department such as accounting and sales should also be increased. Attitude to look after their own facility by themselves

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Six Major Losses Loss due to failure Loss due to arangement Loss due to idling and short shutdown Loss due to speed reduction Loss due to defect and correction Loss due to starting up and yield

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From forced deterioration to natural deterioration It will happen naturally, but in reality many facilities deteriorate due to incorrect handling(called forced handling) Example of force handling: Neglecting to apply lubricating oil caused the parts to wear out. Refuse or dust entered into rotating part or maving part and caused these parts to wear out. A cooling fan is heated up by the clogging of dust.

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For Zero Failure Maintenance of basic Condition Observe the operating condition Recover deterioration Increase operating and maintenance skill

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Pneumatic Maintenance

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Pneumatic equipment is increasingly used in line with the trend towards automation and labor saving.

Features of Pneumatic Equipment : 

Features of Pneumatic Equipment Advantages Output can easily be controlled Speed can be adjusted variably over a wide range. Response is rapid(linear is 50 to 500mm/sec) Temperature has a little effect

Disadvantages : 

Disadvantages Air has no lubricating property When air is compressed, drain(water) is produced, and if the drain is not appropriately disposed of, rust or failure may result

Comparison With Hydraulic Equipment : 

Comparison With Hydraulic Equipment Low working pressure output less than 3 tons. Hydraulic leakage must be strictly prevent, internal oil leakage must return to tank and oil return need specific pipe line, but pneumatic air leakage is controlled but the used air is discharge to atmosphere.

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3. Ambient temperature for operation is 30C to 60C and 5C to 60C for pneumatic equipment

Flow of Compressed Air : 

Flow of Compressed Air

Components for the Compressed Air System : 

Components for the Compressed Air System Air Compressor After Cooler Main Filter Dryer Filter Regulator Lubricator Change-Over Valve

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9. Speed Control Valve 10. Actuators

Other : 

Other 1. Silencer

Precaution Prior to Overhauling : 

Precaution Prior to Overhauling Check the construction and performance of the equipment Confirm the exact state of failure Confirm the cause of failure

Precaution During Overhauling : 

Precaution During Overhauling Stop the machine Stop the hydraulic or pneumatic source and check that no pressure remains Put a match mark. Dismantle components in a large block When using tools, pull them towards you

Filter : 

Filter To remove any foreign matter contained in the compressed air and hence the failure of the electromegnetic valve and cylinder

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