Natural butt balm and herbal lip balm for baby

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Find safe, eco-friendly and organic products for your entire family. Natural Cleaning products ensure safety of your family and also a greener planet.


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PowerPoint Presentation: WEL COME TO HARDY BEE COMPANY It is now a well- known fact that natural created items are much valuable than the substance created. It is true to as they are natural and substance free and the 100 % natural ingredients are used for making these natural based items. Such types of items are available in the market for varying age groups and they are highly valuable for all.

PowerPoint Presentation: All Natural Herbal Lip Balm Skin maintenance systems like organic herbal lip balm are beneficial in looking after lip; allows cure dry, chapped mouth. With a enjoyable sign of lemongrass and other essential natural oils, your mouth are secured, hydrated and refreshed using the product. Herbal lip cream is for smooth and healthy mouth. All natural herbal lip balm are used for the same and better than the professional inorganic items. These items can be used by anyone, no limitations on age bar, as they are made from sebum.

PowerPoint Presentation: All Natural Bath And Shower Gel All Natural Bath And Shower Gel are one of the items which are very secured and detoxify the epidermis while interesting the feelings. These are very effective cleaning suppliers and provide just what is required for our epidermis as they have the effervescent lathers of 100 % organic elements and organic essential natural oils which secured our epidermis.

PowerPoint Presentation: All Natural Baby Butt Balm This lotion not only nourishes kid skin but also protects the kid sensitive place against infection & bacterial development and protects kid skin from diaper skin rashes. Kids always play and they are so small that they cannot tell each and everything by their oral cavity, so the products are to be used which are natural in features and can prevent children from the malware, scratches. Kids have the sensitive skin which should be cared with extra interest. Butt lotion can quickly prevent children buttocks from any type of malware and the diaper skin rashes can be reduced by the use of All Natural Baby Butt Balm ..

PowerPoint Presentation: A ll Natural Pine Floor Cleaner Hardy Bee’s All Natural Pine Floor Cleaner has made cleaning easy; without fear of using toxics. Our non-toxic pine floor concentrator is free from harmful detergents & chemicals.

PowerPoint Presentation: All Natural Baby Shampoo Our special Little Bee’s All Natural Baby Shampoo with its rose fragrant formula; carefully clears the sensitive baby skin, head.

PowerPoint Presentation: Contact - us Contact Info : The Hardy Bee Company Pleasant Grove, Utah 84043 Phone: 888-783-4705 Web :

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