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Fitness training makes your body stronger and fitter, this is the reason why we at Hard Candy Fitness aim to provide the best fitness solution for health and fitness related services. Here, you will be inspired to work hard and play harder by distinctively fusing exercise with entertainment. Our class categories include body design, move, drive, release, and addicted to sweat.


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Forever fit forever strong workout hard and play harder..

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INTRODUCTION Hard Candy Fitness provides a perfect fitness solution for best health and fitness related services. Here you will be inspired to work hard and play harder by distinctively fusing exercise with entertainment. Being fit is important to stay alert both physically and mentally furthermore to avoid certain diseases that attack as the body ages.

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BODY DESIGN Addicted to Sweat Move CLASS CATEGORIES Release Drive Body Design Move Addicted to Sweat CLASSES

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BODY DESIGN 360 SCULPT KICK BOX 360 Sculpt gives a dynamic complete-body workout to the latest and greatest in graph and club anthems. This class develops fitness quality and confidence. A definitive workout motivated by traditional Muay Thai battling.

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MOVE BELLY DANCE CONTEMPORARYDANCE Belly dancing is awesome activity and its an art that anyone can practice. Figuring out how to move the feet is crucial for proper execution of the moves. Contemporary dance places a connection between the mind and body where dancers performance based on emotion and feeling.

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DRIVE MAXIMUM DRIVE THE DRIVE Dare to undergo this fitness strength and power test that will excite and revitalize you to the max This one hour cycle class will definately help in getting your body in to rock hard shape.

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RELEASE ACROVINYAS CREATIVE HATHA YOGA Creative Hatha Yoga works on body breathing and mind. The emphasis is on a familiar change between tension and relaxation and also on a communication between breathing and moving. Take your yoga from earth to air. Uniting components of vinyasa acroyoga and reversal preparing this practice develops trust and group in a capable manner. It is an inspiring and playful practice for every body.

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ADDICTED TO SWEAT ADDICTED TO SWEAT - CARDIO DANCE In every quarter members will learn a new and "harder" dance workout set to driving music that will keep on challenging you.

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CONTACT US Hard Candy Fitness Address : 48 Druitt Street Sydney NSW 2000 Australia Contact No: 02 8088 8888 Email Id : Website :

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