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Geriatric Falls : 

Rebecca Shigo Kelly Long Hara sun Michele Ashmore Kim Regan Erica Flinchbaugh Chris hamilton Nick Morrione Geriatric Falls All images found via

Patient Background : 

Patient Background,,,

Background Cont… : 

Background Cont…,,

Admittance to Hospital : 

Admittance to Hospital Knee injury and cellulitis,,

Medical Background : 

Medical Background, Glaucoma Bilateral Cataracts

History of Impaired Skin Integrity and Insomnia : 

History of Impaired Skin Integrity and Insomnia,

Medications : 

Medications Heparin Morphine Lumigan ASA 81mg Multi-75

While in the Hospital : 

While in the Hospital

Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Factors of Falls : 

Intrinsic Factors Extrinsic Factors Caused by “normal physical and mental changes related to ageing,” changes are normal and not related to the influence of disease (Alkyol 192). Caused by environmental factors where it is “likely to be exposed to high intensity forces at impact” ( Alkyol 192). Intrinsic vs. Extrinsic Factors of Falls

Nursing Best Care Practice : 

Nursing Best Care Practice Spot the dot Leaving light on at night Non-slip foot ware Low bed with side rails up Fall assessment At admittance and reassess Floor mats Bedside commode Bed alarms/Call Bell

Nursing Diagnosis : 

Risk for Falls R/T … Impaired vision Decreased mobility Impaired gait Muscular atrophy Nursing Diagnosis

Secondary Nursing Diagnosis : 

Impaired Physical Mobility R/T falls AMB… Previous pelvic fracture Poor eye sight Lymphedema of right leg Secondary Nursing Diagnosis

Geriatric Syndrome : 

Geriatric Syndrome

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