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Happy Belly is a healthy snack box subscription service in Pune. In this presentations we have shared different snackbox options and standalone menu items offered at happybelly.me. Happy Belly Snack Box contains snacks which has an unforgettable taste, texture, aroma & is packed with nutrition and takes snacking to the next level.


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Happy Belly Snack Box Subscription In Pune

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Happy Belly is a healthy snack box subscription service in Pune. Happy Belly Snack Box contains snacks packed with nutrition & unforgettable taste, texture & aroma. Happy Belly takes snacking to the next level. Check out Happy Belly Yummy Snack Boxes in the next slide snack box subscription

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MUNCHKINS : This snack box has mouth watering yummies packed with dietary protein, calcium, minerals and vitamin. Each Munchkins Box contains the following Choco Stars - 100GMS Muscle Hustle - 2PCS Crackling Potato Mix - 100GMS Fun In A Bun - 1PC SATVIK : Acontemporary twist to Maharashtra’s traditional delicacies. With a brilliant mix of sweet and savoury nibbles, this pack indeed packs a punch! Each Satvik Box contains the following Crackling Potato Mix - 100GMS Choco Stars - 100GMS Fun In A Bun - 1PC Puran Poli - 2PCS healthy snack subscription box

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PARTY PACK : Entertain in style with this box of impeccably cooked snacks . A one and only kind of assortment of delectable and healthful goodies. Each Party Pack Box contains the following Beet Eat - 80GMS Soy Story - 80GMS Crackling Potato Mix - 200GMS Onion Sesame Crisps - 150GMS NUTRILICIOUS: Fuel your workout regime with these boosters that are jam-packed with antioxidants, high- fibre , proteins, health promoting phytonutrients , dietary minerals & vitamins. Each Nutrilicious Box contains the following Muscle Hustle - 2PC Super Cereal - 60GMS Coco Crunch - 1PC Whey Too Good - 1PC

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STARBURST: This snack box is designed around a chocolate theme. Often called ‘food of the gods’, chocolate is a source of pure joy. Our truly chocolaty treats will tantalize your taste buds and ignite your senses. Each StarBurst Box contains the following Devilicious - 1PC Berry Nutty Biscotti - 2PC Fine Praline - 2PC Choco Love - 2PC MAGICAL MYSTERY : Feeling adventurous? Looking to try something new? Then go for this box of goodies that our experts have put together just for you. Be amazed… with each unique box sent especially for you! order food online pune

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Choose from a wide range of stand-alone snacks Our Menu snack box menu

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Our Menu home delivery food pune

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Our Menu

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Our Menu healthy snacks delivered to your door

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Our Menu office snack delivery

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Order NOW at : http://www.happybelly.me Call Us At: +91 9881235000 Write to Us: support@happybelly.me Get as much as you crave. Subscription Snackbox Delivery Service in Pune

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