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By washing your pet twice or thrice in a month, you will be able to keep your dog fresh and healthy. Thus, purchase some suitable dog washing products and give your pet a pleasurable experience.


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How to get Head to Toe Dog Wash Benefts Like humans dogs also need to bath frequently if not on a regular basis. Bathing such adorable pet like a dog can be a wonderful experience as many dogs love to enjoy the time in water thoroughly. However many dog owners do not pay attention to the practice of washing and cleaning their pet and simply invite many diseases for them. If a dog is left unwashed for over a week then he or she will defnitely start spreading bad smell particularly from their nose. However one can avoid such situation by simply bathing his or her pet twice or thrice a month. Let us elaborate the process of bathing dogs and its benefts. Find a Suitable Place First Before bathing your pet you should prepare a suitable place frst so that the dog can enjoy his or her bathing experience thoroughly. If your dog is small then it can easily ft in a laundry sink a normal bathtub or at the bottom of the shower. Having a non-slip mat on the foor is highly important as your pet will feel more comfortable on such mat. You can also arrange the process of outdoor dog wash where your pet will be able to enjoy the sunny day.

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Apply Washing Products Carefully The skin of a dog is almost half in density compared to human skin and that is why you will have to be careful while applying shampoo and conditioners on them. Many people do not understand the fact that dog’s skin is much more sensitive than human skin and apply shampoo and conditioners recommended for a human. Such practice should be avoided if you care about your dog’s health. There are plenty of products available in the pet stores that are suitable for applying while bathing your pet. However if your dog is allergic to soap and shampoo then you should talk to a Vet and learn which shampoo or soap will be suitable for him or her. Simple Technique to Wash Your Dog When pouring water on your pet or dunking it in the water make sure that your hand is always touching it otherwise your dog can run away in fear. Make sure that everything is ready around you because you cannot move here and there and leaving the dog alone in the shower. After you apply shampoo across its body start massaging thoroughly so that your pet can enjoy it. However a few dogs are not interested in bathing and tend to run away whenever they sense that their owner can put them put them in the water. If your pet is among them then you should arrange some foods as and ofer it to them as a reward for completing the bathing process. At the end rub a soft towel over the body of your pet so that they can dry themselves easily. You can also apply hair drying to speed up the process. If you are not accustomed in the task of proper dog and pet wash then you should hire professionals for better results. Happy Bays Car Dog wash Email ID: Phone No.: 403-247-8338 Visit Us: Stay Connected Via:

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