numb encore misheard lyrics...

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well its our 1st time misheard lyrics... so kinda not so good without pic...


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Numb encore misheard lyrics…. : 

Numb encore misheard lyrics…. 1st time do… so pls dnt blame me if it sucks…. Umm try to sing along ok?

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thank you thank you thank you…. you’re so not kind…..

Slide 3: 

so can I get a hardcore?? Do u want somemore?

Slide 4: 

cock a raw with the cockless boy…

Slide 5: 

so for one last time I need all raw….

Slide 6: 

now wad d fuck are u waiting for!??

Slide 7: 

At me, there should b some more….

Slide 8: 

so for one last time, take some girls!!!!!!!!!!!!

Slide 9: 

do u want a fresh n growing eminem?

Slide 10: 

ya all know I am dirty yeah!

Slide 11: 

cant underdog mirror me back? yeah hearin me rap is like hearin prime minister rap…. I’m old(13) hey yo, raps goin to live back to take over a girl, now eat bread…. yummy…. Borin jets, slow express…. in the country where the blueberry is eaten... on a low yard I got a triple death…. but when u young u do underage fuck…. Yep yep

Slide 12: 

door opening, door closing…. damn ur man who crack the egg open again when ur girlfriend find dope in the hand with no pants she only draws her perspiration….. so u gona see u can replace him… you’re a chick and u taste it(cunt) SO DGENERATION(add x)!!!!!

Slide 13: 

hardcore? Do u want more? Cock a raw with the cockless boy… so for one last time I need all raw…. Now wad d fuck are u waitin for!?? At me, there should b some more… so for one last time take more girls!!! wad d fuck are u waitin for!????

Slide 14: 

look wad u mean me to? Look wad I mean to u? look when I pay my dues, I wil play with u…. when u first come n be a gay I gona rape u…. then u go toilet to have a pee look how I wait for u… from Mars to planet Earth… to the only thing u can imagine is the tears of joy… as fate would have it, Aids disease appear.. To be an-all time drunk, perfect time to get fucked…

Slide 15: 

when I come back with joy… when I am 4 or 5… I play games with u… its to aim at u… yeah I mean u… if I own u n I blow u to sniff the rain…. Suck your thing n bite it… n I need u to remember evrything… I played command & conquer… from rockets sell, I sell out concerts… for me.. U want this hardcore… I need u to scream til u get cuntshot…..

Slide 16: 

no time to be wad u wan me to b… feeling so faithless, lost u on this servers… do u want more hardcore from me? N if u say yes I going to have my pleasure…. (caught in my underwear…. Just caught in my underwear) and every step that I take is another pain to u!! (caught in my underwear… just caught in my underwear) and every second I eat I wil become fat-ter….

Slide 17: 

I become so drunk… I wan to rape u! become so high…. So much more erect… after raping u… I want to fuck u…. To get baby n get father’s day…. I become so drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!! can I get more hardcore? Do u want more? I become so drunk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so for one last time I need all raw 1 last time I need all raw…..

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sorry for any bad words or wad so ever….. credits: me, my friend faruq and hadi…. n some copies from pr3t4ndor… his work help me though….. Ty…

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