4 Ways to Teach Your Children Civility

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Civility is all about being polite, reasonable and respectful towards your family and the society. This behavior that recognizes the humanity and dignity of others, make us good citizens in the community.


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4 Ways to Teach Your Children Civility Civility is all about being polite reasonable and respectful towards your family and the society. This behavior that recognizes the humanity and dignity of others make us good citizens in the community. Thats why its essential to start teaching our children the tenets of civility at an early age. Teaching civility has many other personal benefits for children: It develops positive self- esteem reduces stress levels and creates stronger social skills that help children form healthy relationships with others. In short if offers great character development in a child Many top GSEB schools in Gujarat and Mumbai have taken the initiative to develop good civil skills in a child. However as a parent it’s your duty as well that you incorporate good civil habits in your little ones. Here are a few ways to teach your child civility: Showcase Good Tolerance and Acceptance Level Since children are small they become curious and observant of all the things around. Show your child your easygoing response and acceptance level and help them realize that smaller difference in opinion with others can be easily accepted and understood. Encourage your child to seek common ground with others and to compromise when appropriate. If your child has questions answer them in a matter-of-fact manner without pointing the negative attributes. Enforce Positivity Find the positives in your child’s actions and reinforce them. Encourage your own child for the good work done and give them the gift of hope. Children who see a positive approach will be able to face the challenges of life much easily. Moreover it will help them grow as a confident citizen in the society. Foster Empathy It is very important that you showcase and model empathy when you interact with your child. Empathy is nothing but the ability to feel or understand what someone else is feeling — it is the foundation for positive interpersonal relationships and healthy communication. When your child learns to showcase empathy they will learn to treat others with kindness and respect. Moreover it may also help them intervene when another child in school is in tough conditions.

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Lend Help To The Community Involve your child in community service at an early. Give them a smaller task to do that they can easily manage. For example - Allow them to donate old books toys and clothes to children in need. Help them plant a tree in the society or encourage them to communicate and help the older citizens etc. These tasks will give them a great sense of pride and accomplishment—when they realize their work is helping other people or making their community better. Today many primary and secondary schools in Bhavnagar Gujarat are aspiring to educate children to be global citizens and to cooperate with the community so that they can make the world a better place to live. These English medium schools in Bhavnagar create a balanced atmosphere for learning discipline and development of character and intend to usher our children onto the path of learning eternal values

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